Genshin Have an effect on Dragonspine stone pill location information

Genshin Have an effect on’s newest replace added Dragonspine, an enormous snowy mountain full of new puzzles and treasures.

One of the vital largest puzzles features a hunt for stone drugs scattered across the mountain. When getting into the cave close to the mountain’s Statue of the Seven, you’ll understand one pill, which Paimon will indicate to you. Whenever you have interaction with it, she’ll wonder whether there’s extra across the mountain — and there’s!

Beneath, we’ve used stars to mark the place you’ll be able to to find each and every pill to turn on. Be aware that lots of the drugs produce other puzzles or monsters looking forward to you. With a Pyro-using personality in hand, you must be capable to beat all of them rather simply.

A map of Dragonspine with several stars pointing out where to find stone tablets

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Symbol supply: Mihoyo

One of the vital drugs is locked in the back of a door and it calls for 3 treasures to open it. We’ve marked the places of the 3 treasures under. One of the vital places calls for plants to depart at a grave, every other forces you to battle 3 Abyss Mages in a timed trial, so come ready.

A map of Dragonspine with stars pointing out where to find three treasures to open a gate

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Symbol supply: Mihoyo

Whenever you turn on the entire drugs, you’ll be capable to turn on the mechanism and open the overall door, rewarding you with a chest of chocolates. You’ll additionally wish to use a Pyro personality to gentle the 4 torches within the nook of the room. Whenever you do, a cutscene will play and the Snow-Tomed Starsilver, a four-star claymore, will spawn within the center on your taking.

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