Genshin Affect information: Treasure Misplaced, Treasure Discovered quest answer

In Genshin Affect’s Guili Plains, gamers will come upon Soraya, who will give them a quest known as “Treasure Misplaced, Treasure Discovered.”

Like the opposite Genshin Affect quests, maximum of it’s simple, with a navigation device that may let you know the place to head. On the other hand, there are a number of portions of this quest that don’t let you know without delay the place to head.

Soraya can also be discovered alongside the threshold of the ruins across the Area of Forsaken Ruins. The primary quest would require you to engage with 5 stone drugs discovered round those ruins. You’ll be able to see their approximate places underneath, marked via white stars:

A Genshin Impact map with five parts of it marked with stars

Symbol: Mihoyo by the use of Polygon

Be aware that the ruins are crawling with enemies, so be ready to struggle any you run into.

After finishing a couple of extra directed steps of the search, you’ll wish to to find jade plates. The sport will lead you to the primary one, however now not the remainder. They’re visual from the map and can also be present in those places:

A map with several stone monuments circled

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Symbol assets: Mihoyo

After this, you’ll be directed to the remaining break, which is within the middle of the 4 jade plates. You’ll be able to to find it on the arrow underneath:

An arrow pointing out a circular pool on the map

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Symbol assets: Mihoyo

You’ll need to struggle 3 Spoil Guards. After, you’ll obtain a Sumptuous Chest, and two Valuable Chests stuffed with valuable loot.

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