Genshin Affect information: stage up your characters

In Genshin Affect, you’re going to wish to manually stage up your characters to cause them to more potent.

Whilst characters do achieve EXP from killing enemies, the quantity they achieve from that is extraordinarily meager. As an alternative, you’ll need to use EXP subject material you to find round Teyvat: Wanderer’s Recommendation (value 1,000 EXP), Adventurer’s Revel in (value 5,000 EXP), and Hero’s Wit (value 20,000 EXP). In the meantime, killing a monster offers about 15 EXP, so the variation is big.

Those 3 EXP fabrics may also be present in treasure chests they usually’re regularly given as rewards for completing Domain names and quests.

You’ll be able to additionally farm Adventurer’s Revel in by way of activating the Blossom of Revelation Ley Line Outcrops discovered across the map. Those blue smokey balls are visual out of your map and spawn in quite a lot of places. You’ll be able to turn on those, they usually’ll spawn enemies to take down. Whenever you end them off, you’ll have the ability to declare a praise of round 13 Adventurer’s Revel in in trade for 20 Resin.

After getting your fabrics, you’ll be able to hit the “stage up” button at the persona display screen to make use of them. After they hit sure stage milestones, they’ll wish to be ascended the use of fabrics amassed from bosses so as to stage up upper.

A level up screen in Genshin Impact detailing the cost of leveling Xiangling up

Symbol: Mihoyo by means of Polygon

Remember the fact that the use of those fabrics to stage up your characters require Mora, Genshin’s title for all-purpose coinage. Leveling up heaps of characters to top ranges does devour up numerous Mora, however you’ll be able to take hold of extra by way of taking over Blossom of Wealth Ley Line Outcrops, which spawn enemies so that you can defeat.

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