Gambler's Satisfaction Ep. 3

The ocean holds a lot thriller, as do the islands inside it. As 5 adventurers set forth to this type of islands, they uncover land coated in amber. Why all of this amber? Why this small island? The adventurers would possibly be told this and much more, as they be told the secrets and techniques of the amber and what it holds.

Avid gamers
Strippin – Ahst ( )
TheNo1Alex – Toot ( )
Woops – Roast ( )
Criken – Moe ( )
GoldenTot – Eustace ( )

Arcadum – ( )

21 Replies to “Gambler's Satisfaction Ep. 3”

  1. Damn, I wonder how much stuff they missed not exploring the other rooms. You just know Arcadum put some cool stuff in there… now we'll never know.

  2. Usually I listen to TTRPG live plays of premade official campaigns where the main fun part is the characters themselves. Listening to these episodes is really awesome since the characters are just as great and I'm really into the mystery of the plot.

  3. after watching ster moon and bahroo arcana check every thing now watching other campaigns i always get the feeling that players are missing so much details.

  4. i just hope there was no way of saving the villagers by the amber sword. because if it was like that then we are looking at a band of mass murderers
    edit: its the fucken vega race and now they are gone lol

  5. Raost: "I get the mirror with my soul in it and strap it on my chest"
    Eustace: "I punch him in the chest"
    10 seconds of silence
    Arcadum: "um, ok… Seriously?"

  6. I wonder, if the dream gas weak leaking from damaged transmutation sigils, then it would logically seem that like any fuel based system that has been damaged and is leaking, the gas is what fuels the effects of the sigils. While the amber is used to amplify it, the gas is what recharges it?
    If they had Gust of Wind or pushed the gas into the inert circles, they could reactivate it?
    Further evidence is that these priests seem to draw their skills from the dream realm, the gas also enables someone to enter the dream realm, that their blessing might be through shaping of the dream realm then transfering it to the prime materia realm?

    I've not watched the other eps, do they ever explore this?
    Also, since the lake of koi purifies, mayhaps the mirror's magic can be naturalized or purified by it's waters. Hmm.

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