Gambler's Pride Ep. 9

The ocean holds a lot thriller, as do the islands inside of it. As 5 adventurers set forth to this sort of islands, they uncover land coated in amber. Why all of this amber? Why this small island? The adventurers would possibly be told this and much more, as they be told the secrets and techniques of the amber and what it holds.

Strippin – Ahst ( )
TheNo1Alex – Toot ( )
Woops – Roast ( )
Criken – Moe ( )
GoldenTot – Eustace ( )

Arcadum – ( )

27 Replies to “Gambler's Pride Ep. 9”

  1. This is my favorite campaign… the best characters and the best story for them to be in. What a perfect ending to the episode!

  2. Nooooo! I didn’t watch it in order… It is like when you watch the spinoffs before you watch the main series. I need to watch it in order!!! It hurts when I don’t get any references.

  3. I have put in my own head canon that Laughing Kai and Solemn Dai are actually siblings and have sibling rivalry that shows when they get together.

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