Gambler's Pride Ep. 4

The ocean holds a lot thriller, as do the islands inside it. As 5 adventurers set forth to any such islands, they uncover land coated in amber. Why all of this …

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  1. Just a minor question, why has the value of electrum become so distorted for this campaign. I thought it was only worth half a gold piece not 5,000. Is it just part of the setting he has built across multiple campaigns?

  2. Holy hell I've been watching the different campaigns to learn a bout the lore starting with broken bonds to death and debts to strange roads to this and man did that lore drop at the beginning blew my mind. Arcadum is truly a master of his craft. Big respect.

  3. I must say, none of the items look too OP now but maybe that is just me not understanding the effects too well. Also, is +1 through +3 weapons add to the damage or the dice rolls? Because just adding 1 to each hit and 1 to each damage roll is pretty insignificant most of the time (the adding to hit is pretty good but the damage barely changes…), but maybe I’m just not getting it…

  4. What would have happened if they saved the people with a mirror? WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED?!?!?! Every decision is so important in a living world. Every little things and every little action could change so much. Also, if only we could watching the 7 years and 7 days campaign of the 7… so much would be connected… Arcadum has me on lore drugs. We need a place where we could read or watch all the lore… WE NEED MORE!!!

  5. Minor Spoiler Alert. Only read after you have watched past 26:05

    Man I wish I was a player in this campaign, the second Arcadum said that time had shatterd, I started to scream internally "TIME IS A MIRROR! TIME IS A MIRROR" I would have gotten the bonus points. That said, the players, characters, DM and the world are amazing 🙂

  6. That lore drop gave me goose bumps and shivers. I CAN'T WAIT to DM (should be within the coming months) within this masterpiece.

  7. Aust the changeling represents Envy.
    Toot the trickster represents Madness.
    Eustace the dick-twister represents Lust.
    Moe the historian represents Ennui.
    Roast the mirrored represents Entropy.

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