Gambler's Pleasure Ep. 1

The ocean holds a lot thriller, as do the islands inside of it. As 5 adventurers set forth to any such islands, they uncover land coated in amber. Why all of this …

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  1. When were the seven alive? Was that when Arcadum started streaming? Cause if so, that would mean Strippin is a Seven. Can I get a convenient list of the known Sevens? (Not all of them cause there's like 500 of them I think, just the prominent ones)

  2. got introduced to the amazing world of verum from offlinetv's broken bonds and now watching all available campaigns you got. i am up to date with shattered crowns and now started watching this. thank you arcadum.

  3. Timestamps:

    0:38 Campaign Intro

    2:27 EUSTACE Intro

    5:39 RAOST Intro

    7:53 TOOT Intro

    10:33 MOE Intro

    12:09 AHST Intro

    12:50 The First Mate

    13:40 The Mission

    16:38 Making Friends

    24:43 Encampment

    27:44 A Martial Clash

    28:55 DUNGEON DADDY 😉 😉

    34:41 The Prisoner & Orde(LORE)

    37:42 DansGame

    40:57 The Spiders Dolten(LORE)

    45:16 Aspirant

    50:43 The Plan

    54:41 Battle Starts

    58:07 Spit

    59:14 Tutorial grunts

    1:00:25 Twist it

    1:10:22 Transformation

    1:17:11 Toot use Rock Smash!

    1:23:06 Battle Ends

    1:27:16 Plot Twist

    1:35:21 The Party Returns

    1:39:58 Pog ShipMap

    1:40:47 Meeting with the Crew

    1:43:00 The Seven (LORE)

    1:44:51 Cara Pog!

    1:47:26 The Viaken

    1:50:44 Ship Duties

    1:54:41 Map of Kalkatesh

    1:55:40 monkaS

    2:00:28 Hold Steady!

    2:06:07 The Island Clap

    2:12:04 LEVEL UP (2)

    2:15:16 Session Ends.
    =session end=

    Also add any time stamps that you think i missed..

  4. How do I learn what the roll numbers mean? Hard to know when something misses, hits, fails, etc. besides when they say it themselves.
    First time looking into anything D&D related and loving it though.

  5. Strippin is one of my favorite roleplayers/D&D players. Galahad from Rollplay West Marches was a god tier character and Strippin never disappoints.

  6. Learned about you from OfflineTV, I was gonna start D&D before covid at school and was really bummed i couldnt try it out. I'll be watching you and OTV until i can play myself!

  7. I discovered you because of Lily, and I had no idea you were doing a campaign with Criken. I love hearing how passionate and enthusiastic you are. Keep it up

  8. Battle music was way to epic in the tutorial fight

    And the chicken just exploded two guy while they are trying to twist their dicks on the other side.

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