Gambler Show off

Gamblers exhibit at Sydney leisure centre 13/6/06 act b4 Korea vs Toga sport. taped on camera abit grainy however watchable

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  1. 5:25-5:34 "I can't believe they are here. They look like normal Korean guys" xD. Gamblerz are sickkk. darkness was great in this

  2. what the fuck, the end can do lotus headspins?? Is their any move he can't do?


    "is that sick? IS THAT SICK?"
    "OH MY GOD"


  3. LOL yea i can't believe they are here..YES they are here…and that guy said that they look like normal person at 5.30 WELL THEY ARE NORMAL PERSON they are not aliens

  4. I'm glad to see at least more footworking and foundation from them, they are so amazing in power and tricks, if all of them just got their foundation and dance style a lot more on par, wow, even more unstoppable.

  5. 1. Fatback Band – Spanish Hustle
    3. DJ T – Alpha Team
    5. Eric B. & Rakim – Don't Sweat the Technique
    6. Salsoul Orchestra – Salsoul 3001
    7. Jean Roch – Can You Feel It (Original Full Mix)
    9. Fader Gladiator & das Lindenschmidt Orchester – Beat Cencerto In A Minor
    10. Kovacs Kati – Szoli Ram Ha Hangosan Enekelek
    11. Captain Rock – Return Of Captain Rock
    12. Zeb Roc Ski – Keep Prepared For The Battle (Mr.Playmo Remix)
    13. Walter Murphy – Flight '76

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