Future 2 Xur location and pieces, Nov. 6-9

The weekly Unique merchandise service provider, Xur, hangs out in random places around the globe of Future. In Future 2, he can seem in every single place the map, in addition to throughout the Tower. This week, you’ll to find Xur on Io for the final time, striking out in a cave north of the Massive’s Scar.

a screenshot of Destiny 2’s map showing Xur hanging out north of Giant’s Scar on Io

Symbol: Bungie

Xur’s stock this week is composed of the next:

  • Preventing Lion, Void grenade launcher: 29 Mythical Shards
  • Wormhusk Crown, Hunter helmet: 23 Mythical Shards
  • Actium Battle Rig, Titan chest: 23 Mythical Shards
  • Promethium Spur, Warlock boots: 23 Mythical Shards
  • Unique Engram: 97 Mythical Shards (you’ll now acquire a 2nd with an Unique Cipher)

Xur’s stock caps out at 1050.

Preventing Lion

The Preventing Lion is an Unique tube-fed grenade launcher. Its number one perk, Behind schedule Gratification, reasons its projectiles to bop and simplest explode after you unlock the cause. Its secondary perk is Skinny the Herd, which will increase harm performed to the enemy defend. This grenade launcher additionally makes use of number one ammo.

The Preventing Lion is a gimmick weapon, however that doesn’t imply it’s pointless. Should you’re running on any quest that calls for grenade launcher kills, the Preventing Lion is highest — because it hardly runs out of ammo. It takes a large number of time to get used to the Preventing Lion, nevertheless it’s an impressive device in uncommon eventualities.

Wormhusk Crown

Wormhusk Crown is without doubt one of the marketing campaign Exotics from Warmind, and you’ll earn the helmet from finishing the marketing campaign. Or you’ll purchase it from Xur this week. The Unique perk is Burning Souls, which heals you after dodging.

It is a tough helmet within the Crucible, so if you happen to’re a PvP participant, you must select this up.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 61 overall stats.

Actium Battle Rig

The Actium Battle Rig is a particularly tough Titan chest piece. Its unique perk, Auto-loading Hyperlink, will repeatedly reload your auto rifles as you hearth them. Should you’re keen on auto rifles — particularly ones with higher than moderate magazines — that is a fantastic unique. When pairing Actium Battle Rig with the Candy Trade unique auto rifle, the clip will replenish with 10 rounds each few seconds, permitting the minigun to in reality really feel distinctive. Should you ever use auto rifles, this chest piece is an absolute must-have.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 63 overall stats.

Promethium Spur

Promethium Spur is a moderately new Warlock Unique, added in season 9. Its distinctive perk, Embers of Mild, reasons Morning time kills to spawn therapeutic and empowering Rifts at the flooring. This Unique has a actually attention-grabbing perk, nevertheless it’s no longer in particular helpful generally. Perhaps you’ll save the lifetime of a teammate this manner, nevertheless it’s a situational Warlock Unique at very best.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 62 overall stats.

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