Future 2: Past Gentle patch provides new Europa vacation spot and Stasis

Future 2: Past Gentle is right here, and with it comes a number of adjustments for avid gamers and a few new content material to discover. With the growth formally out, Bungie has printed the reliable patch notes, together with stability updates and high quality of existence enhancements.

Right here’s a handy guide a rough record of the entirety new in Future 2 these days. If you need the entire Future 2 patch notes, stay scrolling.

Past Gentle

The large big name of this new patch is Future 2: Past Gentle, the sport’s 3rd main growth.

Past Gentle provides a brand new marketing campaign and a brand new raid — each unique to Past Gentle homeowners — in addition to some new Exotics. All avid gamers too can journey to Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter. Gamers will in the end stumble upon the Darkness right here, and catch up with The Stranger, who hasn’t gave the impression in-game for the reason that first 12 months of the unique Future.

However Past Gentle additionally brings avid gamers their coolest new toy in years: Stasis.

Stasis powers

Stasis marks the primary time Bungie has ever added a brand new part to Future. Along with the present Sun, Arc, and Void, Stasis gives ice-themed powers. Gamers can encase enemies in ice after which shatter them. There may also be new Stasis guns and Exotics.

Stasis additionally comes with a remodeled customization gadget, tremendously other from the straightforward nodes to be had for the present subclasses.

How avid gamers get Stasis and begin to commune with the Darkness continues to be a thriller.

New Exotics

Like every new Expansions and Seasons, Future 2: Past Gentle comes with some tough new guns. There are a couple of returning or remodeled Exotics from the unique Future — like Hawkmoon and No Time To Give an explanation for — however the majority of guns are logo new. We’ll additionally see our first Stasis Unique, Salvation’s Grip, on this growth.

Go back to the Cosmodrome with a brand new instructional

The Past Gentle patch additionally brings again the liked Cosmodrome location from the unique Future.

That is the primary location avid gamers ever explored within the Future universe, and Bungie remade it to assist with the brand new participant revel in. All avid gamers — veterans incorporated — can pick out up a brand new instructional undertaking to show them the ropes. For brand new avid gamers, they’ll get started their adventure within the Cosmodrome, identical to the primary Future avid gamers did. A brand new NPC will then lead them via quite a lot of actions prior to they ever land within the Tower.

This revel in, together with the Cosmodrome, is loose for all Future avid gamers and doesn’t require Past Gentle.

Deleted content material

The Past Gentle patch may be the primary growth to ever take away content material in bulk from the Future universe.

With this patch, Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury are all long past, along side their related actions. The entire Leviathan raids and the Scourge of the Previous raid also are long past. This is a part of Future 2’s new Future Content material Vault, which Bungie will use so as to add and take away content material over the process the following couple of years. For instance, the Vault of Glass raid will go back to Future 2 someday all over Yr 4.

Steadiness and high quality of existence updates

Future 2’s Past Gentle replace is slightly gentle on stability adjustments. Bungie did make changes to a few hand cannon archetypes and a couple of different guns. However with Stasis entering the fold, it kind of feels the real stability educate has slowed just a little. There also are new high quality of existence enhancements, like the brand new Triumph display screen and blank Director.

For some exact patch notes, scroll down.

Legitimate Bungie patch notes

Beneath is the entire record of Bungie patch notes for Future 2: Past Gentle and replace 3.0.0.


Seller Armor

  • Leading edge, Crucible, and Gambit distributors now all praise a High model in their respective ritual engram for finishing the weekly problem.
  • Those engrams award the ritual’s new Season of the Hunt armor on a knockout record till the total set has been bought.
  • As soon as the total set is bought the engrams drop re-rolls of the ritual armor in addition to global guns. (Be aware that is on a per-ritual foundation; every ritual engram assesses one at a time.)
  • All armor dropped from those engrams is top stat armor.
  • The bottom (non-High) model of Leading edge, Crucible, and Gambit engrams now drops global armor till the respective ritual set has been bought from the High ritual engram.
  • As soon as the ritual set has been bought from the High ritual engram, low-stat ritual armor will drop.
  • Zavala, Shaxx, and Drifter now promote low-stat variations in their new Season of the Hunt armor. Armor should be bought from the ritual’s High engram prior to it may be bought.


  • Engram previews for many tools engrams were got rid of.
  • The next engrams had new variations created in Season of the Hunt: Mythical Global, High, Crucible, Gambit, Leading edge, Gunsmith, and Iron Banner. Older variations of those engrams might be got rid of from the sport in Season 13.
  • Gamers with a back-stock of those engrams within the Postmaster are steered to extract and decrypt those engrams prior to the top of Season of the Hunt.

Financial system

  • Spider has made a number of adjustments to his stock as follows:
  • He has grown jealous of the huge shares of Mythical Shards Guardians have stored up, and now covets them. To that finish he’ll now not phase with Mythical Shards.
  • He has bought Enhancement Prisms to promote however will phase with not more than 3 a week for every buyer.
  • He has priced those at 400 Mythical Shards every.
  • Enhancement Cores at the moment are fastened in worth at 30 Mythical Shards every (they don’t ascend with every acquire) however are restricted to five in line with day for every buyer.
  • Zavala’s and Shaxx’s Boons and the Eververse’s Gleaming Boons were deprecated and will also be dismantled to get well their authentic complete acquire worth.
  • Financial system, Currencies, Faction of the 9, Useless Orbit, New Monarchy, Long run Conflict Cult faction tokens, and all Uncommon vacation spot fabrics can now be safely discarded and will also be deleted as a complete stack.
  • Banshee-44 and the Spider will nonetheless settle for planetary fabrics from Vaulted locations in the course of Season of the Hunt.
  • Those fabrics might be deprecated in a long term season and avid gamers are steered to spend them all over Season of the Hunt.

Season Move

  • Season Move rewards were refreshed for Season of the Hunt.
  • Further Shiny Mud has been added to the Season Move praise tracks as follows:
  • Unfastened Observe: Added 5,200 to the already provide 2,300, for a complete of seven,500.
  • Paid Observe: Added 2,600 to the already provide 400, for a complete of three,000.
  • Weekly Bounties will now award 100 Shiny Mud


  • Beginning in Season of the Hunt, Shiny Engrams will now comprise all Eververse content material from Season 1 to 3 Seasons prior to the present Season (aside from content material from particular occasions like Competition of the Misplaced, the Dawning, and so forth.). Listed below are some sensible examples:
  • Season of the Hunt: Shiny Engrams comprise all content material from Seasons 1 via 9.
  • Season 13: Shiny Engrams comprise all content material from Seasons 1 via 10.


  • All current and new Ghost Shells apart from the Generalist Shell now have power ranges and get admission to to mods with more than a few power prices as a substitute of being pre-loaded with explicit perks.
  • Ghosts now have 4 mod slots. 3 are unlocked via default, and the fourth is unlocked via Masterworking the Shell.
  • Kill Tracker capability stays handiest on Ghosts that at the beginning had get admission to to that perk.
  • Different pre-existing Ghost perks were was mods and a few were made into extra globalized variations in their previous capability.
  • A choice of mods are to be had on all Ghost Shells via default, with the remainder ones accessible by way of more than a few gameplay assets (data on the place to seek out those mods will also be realized from Collections).
  • No mods might be bought from the Eververse and Eververse bought Shells will don’t have any benefits or useful variations from Ghost Shells earned in recreation.


  • All Sparrows intrinsically fast-summon now.
  • Newly bought or reacquired from Collections sparrows now not roll at the Pace Demon(fast-summoning) perk.
  • Gamers are steered to re-pull any sparrows they at this time are the usage of that experience fast-summon to realize a brand new perk combo.

Normal Fixes

  • Matterscourge decoration can now not be reacquired from Collections.
  • Closing Perdition on Shaxx now dismantles for lower than its dealer price.
  • Common Decoration merchandise descriptions now not refer particularly to Yr-Three pieces.
  • Emotes now exhibit taste textual content at the merchandise element display screen or when being previewed at the Eververse retailer.
  • Added icons to guns that had been lacking their unlock watermark.
  • Unique Ciphers can now not be added to a participant’s Vault.
  • Gamers saving an Unique Cipher of their Vault should take away it and spend it prior to they are able to achieve a brand new one.
  • Armor affinity now exhibit on participant investigate cross-check.


  • Lectern of Appeal weekly bounty now not references Nightmares on Io or Titan.
  • Development is now constructed from defeating Nightmares at the Moon.

Energy and Development

  • Robust assets, weekly rituals with Robust rewards launched with Shadowkeep now not grant Robust rewards.
  • Those rewards were moved to new rituals launched with Past Gentle.
  • As soon as the nature’s tools Energy has reached the cushy cap (1200 in Past Gentle), it is going to now be conceivable to obtain small Robust upgrades from some customary drops.
  • Those will come from moves, Crucible, and Gambit in addition to some Seasonal assets, and don’t seem to be topic to day-to-day nor weekly lockouts.
  • Those can drop till the Energy Cap (1250 in Past Gentle).
  • Lowered the Energy stage of a few dealer token rewards.

Participant Identification

  • Login monitors now have a gloomy background.
  • Up to date the Complete-screen Menus to have a gloomy background taste.
  • Participant waypoints now exhibit Season Rank, HUD waypoints.
  • Persona Advent:
  • Modified variety from “Male” & “Feminine” to “Masculine” & “Female.”
  • Mum or dad head and hair fashions were changed with progressed variations.
  • A number of colour swatches were modified to higher constitute the carried out colour.
  • Gamers earlier head alternatives are nonetheless used.
  • Added toggle capability to the nature display screen, permitting the participant to select between Gentle and Darkish subclasses.
  • Persona display screen visuals up to date relying on participant selection between Gentle and Darkish.


  • Triumph Display Updates:
  • Navigation has been added to Triumphs and Seals to toggle between Lively and Legacy content material.
  • Legacy Triumphs and Seals have a brand new visible taste to differentiate them from Lively content material.
  • Medals, Unique Catalysts, and Lore were given their very own phase throughout the Triumphs display screen.
  • Stepped forward Lore display screen added for higher e-book/web page navigation.
  • Triumphs now exhibit each the present step praise and ultimate of completion praise.
  • Triumphs have had an overhaul and at the moment are classified in a brand new manner.
  • Lifetime Triumph units will persist throughout all Seasons and introduces new avid gamers to the core sides of Future.
  • Vacation spot Triumph units will transfer to the Legacy phase when the similar vacation spot enters the Future Content material Vault.
  • Seasonal Triumph units will transfer to the Legacy phase on the finish of every 12 months.
  • Legacy Triumph Units and Seals are discovered within the Legacy phase.
  • Legacy units is not going to follow for your Lively Triumph Rating.
  • Gamers can nonetheless see their Legacy set rankings and which Triumphs they finished in time.
  • The entire Legacy Seals and their similar Triumphs will also be observed at the Legacy web page.
  • Titles for finished Legacy Seals can nonetheless be supplied
  • A number of new Stat Trackers had been added to the gadget together with, however now not restricted to, weapon-type Stat Trackers gated in the back of new Triumph completions.
  • Prophecy Dungeon Stat Trackers were moved to the Open Global class matching different Dungeon similar Stat Trackers.



Hand Cannons


  • Higher Fee of Hearth (RoF) from 110 to 120.
  • Broke out Competitive Hand Cannons, permitting customized tuning of stats (e.g. harm falloff for 100 vary on this subfamily now begins at 32m).

Adaptive and Precision

  • Vary stat now has extra have an effect on on minimal harm falloff vary for each archetypes.
  • Injury falloff for 100 vary now begins at 25m, used to be 20m.

Precision Hand Cannon

  • 180 RoF mag scaled up via 37 %.
  • Be aware: This additionally impacts Exotics with that RoF.

Light-weight (folded in to Adaptive)

  • Moved all Light-weight Hand Cannons (150 RoF) to the Adaptive subfamily (140 RoF).

This comprises Luna’s Howl and No longer Forgotten.

  • One Unique Hand Cannon will retain 150 RoF.
  • We aren’t going to go away it to hypothesis.
  • It’s stunning.
  • It does Sun harm.
  • It makes enemies explode.
  • It’s Sunshot.

Sniper Rifles

  • Adjusted how purpose help (AA) is suffering from Sniper Rifle Zoom ranking. The decrease the Zoom the decrease the AA and vice versa. Scopes with round 50 Zoom are unchanged.
  • Lowest-Zoom scopes have a big relief in AA cone perspective.
  • Best-Zoom scopes have a small building up.

Auto Rifles


  • Injury in line with bullet lowered from 15.75 to 14.25.
  • Be aware: Previous to Season of the Worthy, harm in line with bullet used to be 13.75.

Scout Rifles

  • Higher how a lot every level of the AA stat widens the AA cone.
  • At most, the AA cone is now 15 % wider.

Rocket Launchers

  • Higher reserves via 1 or 2 rockets relying on Stock stat.


  • Outlaw – Reload velocity building up felt inadequate with sure subfamilies and mixtures of rolls (e.g. Competitive Hand Cannons).
  • Higher Reload stat bonus from +50 to +70.


  • Higher Stock stat from 36 to 55 (this will increase reserve ammo).


  • Lowered splash harm via 33 %, greater have an effect on harm such that overall harm is Five % less than prior to.
  • Lowered projectile speed multiplier from the Micro-Missile perk from 1.Four to one.2. (i.e., now 20 % quicker than different breech Grenade Launchers as a substitute of 40 %).
  • Lowered in-air accuracy. Now has vital projectile error whilst in-air (round 7 levels with out the Icarus Grip mod, considerably much less with).

Falling Guillotine

  • Lowered Heavy Assault harm via ~24 % to herald line with different Swords.
  • Be aware: Falling Guillotine will proceed to be moderately above moderate, simply to not the level that it’s now.

MIDA Multi-Instrument and MIDA Mini-Instrument

MIDA Mini-Instrument

  • Moved the “Mida Synergy” trait to the intrinsic, very similar to how the (Baroque) model works.
  • Added the next perks:
  • Hip-Hearth Grip
  • Kill Clip
  • NOTE: There is a matter with the Masterwork in this weapon that forestalls it from being upgraded. This might be fastened in a later replace.
  • NOTE: The Gunsmith will start promoting a model of this weapon on November 10 and not using a infusion cap.

Sturm and Drang


  • Moved the “In combination Ceaselessly” trait to the intrinsic, very similar to how the (Baroque) model works
  • Added the next perks:
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Shifting Goal
  • NOTE: There is a matter with the masterwork in this weapon that forestalls it from being upgraded. This might be fastened in a later replace.
  • NOTE: The Gunsmith will start promoting a model of this weapon on November 10 and not using a infusion cap.

Ruinous Effigy

  • Transmutation Spheres
  • Lowered the wear of the aerial melee assault via 25 %.
  • Considerably lowered the wear of the drain impact on enemy fighters.


  • Not moves shields a couple of occasions, however its efficacy in opposition to shielded goals has been greater.

Jade Rabbit

  • Armor Piercing Rounds swapped to Top Caliber Rounds.
  • This fixes a topic that might save you the Unique perk from triggering.

Traveler’s Selected

  • Lowered muzzle flash depth.

Level of the Stag

  • Higher Level of the Stag’s Max Energy Stage to 1310.


  • Mounted a computer virus that averted some guns from dealing precision harm to the Divinity cage (e.g. Eriana’s Vow).

Power Kind Necessities

  • The entire weapon-oriented armor mods (e.g. Hand Cannon Loader, Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder, and so forth.) were modified to be any power variety.
  • Because of the above alternate, all Arc Charged with Gentle mods now turn on their 2d perk when you have another Arc mod supplied at the similar armor piece, or when you have another Arc Charged with Gentle mod socketed in another armor piece you might be dressed in.

Enhanced Mod Rebalancing

  • All mods that experience an Enhanced model of that mod (e.g. Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader) have had the bottom mods’ efficacy greater to compare that of the Enhanced model of the mod.
  • Consequently, the ones Enhanced mods were deprecated, and the bottom mods’ power prices were adjusted upward moderately (however are nonetheless less than the identical Enhanced mods).
  • Some mods have moved to other slots to create extra festival for mod sockets throughout armor items (as an example, the Rapid Able mods have moved to the Hands socket).

Raid Mods

  • Beginning in Season of the Hunt, Closing Want, Lawn of Salvation, and the impending Past Gentle raid armors will now drop with a 5th, devoted armor mod socket this is completely for the mods associated with that raid.
  • Anti-Taken mods from Closing Want will handiest serve as within the Closing Want raid.
  • Anti-Hive mods from the Leviathan raid might be deprecated.
  • Anti-Fallen raid mods from Scourge of the Previous might be deprecated.
  • Closing Want and Lawn of Salvation armor bought previous to Season of the Hunt is not going to have this devoted armor socket however will nonetheless have the ability to use the mods associated with that raid within the new Legacy armor mod socket.

Struggle Mods

  • All armor launched in Past Gentle and Season of the Hunt, all Closing Want and Lawn of Salvation armor bought beginning in Season of the Hunt, and all Armor 2.Zero Unique armor items (together with the ones already possessed via avid gamers) could have a Struggle taste mod socket.
  • In Season of the Hunt, this socket will settle for all Charged with Gentle and Warmind Mobile mods.
  • All Armor 2.Zero armor bought all over Seasons Eight via 11 have had their Seasonal mod sockets changed with a unmarried, unified Legacy mod socket that may socket all Charged with Gentle mods, all Warmind Mobile mods, all Nightmare Hunt mods, all Lawn of Salvation mods, and all Closing Want mods.
  • Banshee-44 now has a possibility to promote armor mods from Black Armory, Season 10, and Season 11.

Anti-Champion Mods

  • Anti-barrier rounds will now penetrate Taken Phalanx shields.
  • All Anti-Champion mods were shifted to armor, reasonably than taking a weapon mod slot.


  • Higher Hunter’s dodge cooldown via a couple of seconds
  • (E.g. Tier Four authentic cooldown: 22 sec. New cooldown: 26 sec)
  • Orbs of Gentle were modified to Orbs of Energy as they are able to now be ate up via Gentle and Darkish subclasses.


Leading edge

  • Got rid of Legacy Dusk and Heroic tale undertaking nodes.
  • Dusk: The Ordeal
  • Adjusted Adept advisable Energy stage to 1180, matchmaking is to be had at 1150.
  • All variations of Dusk: The Ordeal now fill participant ammo in the beginning of the job (like Grandmaster has all the time executed).


Merged Gambit and Gambit High right into a unmarried mode

  • Unmarried spherical.
  • Gambit High encounters, with all a big boss fighters lowered in efficiency.
  • Gambit High mote goals and drain.
  • Gambit High blockers, with the Phalanx taking where of the Captain for 10 motes.
  • Gambit High invasion cadence, with longer cooldown between invasions.
  • Gambit boss battle, with greater Primeval well being and Slayer buff efficiency.
  • Got rid of Gambit High armor perks.


Up to date the Crucible’s featured modes:

  • Regulate
  • Removal
  • Rumble
  • Glory: Survival

Each Survival and Survival: Freelance might be to be had.

Weekly rotator

Personal fits

Restricted Availability

  • Iron Banner
  • Iron Banner: Freelance

Weekend Availability

  • Trials of Osiris
  • Trials of Osiris
  • Trials of Osiris Energy stage requirement greater to 1210.
  • Guns or armor that experience adorns carried out to them now appropriately display the decoration icon all over the Trials intro.
  • Added Adept guns and weapon mods to Flawless chest rewards.
  • More information right here (hyperlink TWAB).


  • Added physics blockers to a few out-of-bounds spaces on Altar of Flame.
  • Added physics blockers to a few out-of-bounds spaces on Exodus Blue.
  • Added physics blockers to a few out-of-bounds spaces on Cauldron.

Monument to the Misplaced Lighting fixtures

Added the next to the brand new Monument to Misplaced Lighting fixtures dealer within the Tower:

  • Unique quest guns from Yr 1.
  • Maximum Unique quest guns from Yr 2.
  • Unique Season Move and quest guns from Yr Three via 8, 9, and 10.
  • All previous pinnacle and formality quest guns.
  • Vaulted Raid’s Unique Guns.

All Exotics require an Unique cipher, massive quantities of Glimmer, a considerable amount of one planetary fabrics, and a small quantity of Masterworking subject matter.

Mythical guns require a 2d Masterworking subject matter, reasonably than an Unique cipher.

Quantities range between guns.

Added a repeatable supply of Unique ciphers – discuss with Xur to be informed extra.

Added a brand new foreign money, Spoils of Conquest, acquirable handiest from raids.

  • Spoils of Conquest can be utilized to obtain Vaulted raid’s Unique guns from the Monument to Misplaced Lighting fixtures dealer.


Mounted a topic the place demise whilst retaining Riven’s Center may just motive the Center to vanish.

Got rid of flashpoints.

Got rid of the next Shadowkeep demanding situations from the Moon:

Rune desk

  • Repeatable marketing campaign missions
  • Nightmare Hunt of completion and time trials
  • Pit of Heresy of completion
  • Lawn of Salvation of completion

Quest Notification

  • Added notifications within the participant’s HUD that exhibit every time a participant acquires a brand new quest, progresses to a brand new quest step, and completes a quest.
  • Monitoring a quest with an related map location mechanically provides a waypoint to that related location.
  • Added a shortcut to the present Season’s Triumphs throughout the Seasonal tab of the Quest Log.

New Gentle

A great deal expanded the New Gentle revel in

  • Introducing a brand new introductory marketing campaign that each new avid gamers and veteran avid gamers can revel in.
  • Cosmodrome makes a go back as a vacation spot along side new actions and a brand new NPC.
  • Created further new person revel in tutorials to assist provide an explanation for equipping guns and armor, quests and bounties, misplaced sectors, strike matchmaking, and extra.
  • Veterans can revel in this new marketing campaign will have to they make a selection via retrieving the “A Mum or dad Rises” pursuit from the Quest Archive.

The Ache & Acquire Unique quest for Riskrunner has been changed

  • This quest has been folded into the New Gentle marketing campaign revel in.

Subclass Acquisition

  • New Gentle avid gamers who wouldn’t have a veteran account with all subclasses unlocked will now achieve trade subclasses from Ikora
  • New characters can earn interests to unencumber their further subclasses via talking with Ikora after their first strike.
  • All subclass interests are magnificence scoped simply as their subclasses are.
  • Change characters with lacking subclasses can achieve them via talking with Ikora and accepting the subclass pursuit bundle.

Added a brand new dealer to the Tower, situated to the left of the Postmaster.

  • The Quest Archive Seller purposes similar to the Future 1 Deserted Quests Kiosk as neatly so that you can achieve older interests.
  • The kiosk has subpages that workforce the interests simply as they’re observed for your Quests web page.
  • Going ahead any interests deserted will move to this dealer.
  • Older interests can now even be discovered in this dealer.
  • That is to assist be sure that distributors don’t transform crushed via older content material.

Triumphs at the moment are unlocked as a part of the New Gentle revel in

  • Previous to this second you are going to now not have the ability to navigate Triumphs in case your account has now not but unlocked them.
  • Unlocking Triumphs on any persona permits them for all.
  • There are classes of Triumphs below Lifetime that unencumber on account of claiming adjoining Triumphs.

The Season Move and its rewards at the moment are unlocked as a part of the New Gentle revel in

  • Unlocking the Season Move on any persona permits it for all the account.
  • The primary time you unencumber the Season Move you are going to earn Five loose ranks, as much as rank 5.
  • Rested XP may be now not enabled till the Season Move has been unlocked.
  • The instant that the Season Move is unlocked each Rested XP and Demanding situations are enabled.

Locations unencumber by way of XP if you don’t personal the growth related to that vacation spot.

Unencumber Order:

  • Cosmodrome
  • Europa
  • EDZ
  • Nessus
  • Tangled Shore
  • Dreaming Town
  • Moon

Crucible and Gambit

  • Those actions at the moment are unlocked after attaining the Tower and choosing up the related pursuit from Lord Shaxx and Drifter respectively.
  • Finishing step one of both pursuit unlocks everything of the job varieties modes.
  • Those interests will also be bought when returning to the Tower after your first strike.
  • They may be able to be picked up, however they are going to now not put it on the market at the dealer waypoint/tooltip till you’ve stepped forward during the recreation additional.

Moves will also be unlocked after finishing step one of the strike advent pursuit equipped via Zavala.

The Forsaken marketing campaign now has the similar advent habits as Shadowkeep and Europa.

  • All avid gamers irrespective of expansions owned get to revel in the primary undertaking of the Forsaken marketing campaign upon unlocking the Tangled Shore.
  • Finishing this job is a demand for unlocking Unfastened Roam at the Tangled Shore.
  • Accounts that personal Forsaken will mechanically be given the rest of the marketing campaign and might proceed as they see have compatibility.
  • Accounts that don’t personal Forsaken will have the ability to pick out up the remainder marketing campaign for Forsaken from the Quest Archive dealer after they’ve bought it.
  • Accounts that don’t personal Forsaken can nonetheless discover the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming Town after having unlocked their patrol zones.

Past Gentle

  • Veteran characters who log in and qualify for the beginning of the Past Gentle marketing campaign might be mechanically introduced into it.
  • New characters who log in and qualify for the beginning of the Past Gentle marketing campaign, however have now not finished the New Gentle quest, might not be mechanically introduced into it.
  • This doesn’t disable a brand new persona from manually beginning the Past Gentle marketing campaign.

Chaperone Acquisition

  • There’s now another pursuit for obtaining the Unique Shotgun, Chaperone.
  • This pursuit could also be bought by way of Shaw Han at the Cosmodrome or the Quest Archive Seller within the Tower.
  • This interests calls for possession of Past Gentle.
  • The pre-existing pursuit for Chaperone continues to exist as-is and stays a part of the Forsaken growth.


  • Mounted a computer virus that averted on-line pals from appearing up within the roster on Stadia for avid gamers with over 100 pals.
  • Mounted a computer virus that every now and then averted avid gamers from incomes development on bounties when becoming a member of an job in development.
  • This maximum particularly impacted Iron Banner bounties, and in addition brought about avid gamers to have their artifact energy bonus enabled.



  • PC avid gamers with appropriate NVIDIA playing cards and drivers will have the ability to profit from Future 2 integration with NVIDIA Reflex, lowering “click-to-display” latency all over gameplay.


  • Up to date lights in various spaces on EDZ and Nessus.
  • Up to date lights and sky environment for EDZ.


Because of the demanding situations of voice recording all over an international pandemic, other actors had for use for the next characters:

  • Osiris (Brazilian model)
  • Eris (Brazilian model)
  • Eris (Polish model)

We intend to go back to the unique solid once conceivable.

Complex Rendering

  • Lights enhancements and higher darkish house standardization.
  • Please revisit your brightness settings and song for your style.
  • We propose HDR black level is ready to the default center price for absolute best effects.

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