Talk over with for my favorite ONLINE CASINOS ! Whats up guys, £1000 Bonus Hunt time this night time. Taking part in at Dream Vegas I went for …

38 Replies to “FULL SCREEN on LUCKY WISHES BONUS! £1000 Bonus Hunt”

  1. See the tramps are out in force again… OH HE'S LOST £1000 END OF THE WORLD BLA BLA BLA. its only a grand pmsl. Ppl thinking Darren is affected by a grand lool

  2. Seen a number of people moan because it's a short video.. the thing is, this is the reality of gambling and the fact you have chosen to share it, in my opinion is the right thing to do.. there are plenty of channels that only seem to show high amazing wins which only leads people to think they can do the same.. any serious gambler has had many a session like this one so I say full respect for showing the good times and the bad! Because it shows the how a £1000 starting stake can literally dissapear! – your videos are amazing ( though I always prefer when you win, stops the bookies having it over us!) Keep doing what your doing and massive respect for showing wins and losses! Take care!

  3. Thanks for uploading but my god you have the most partched out breath I have ever heard. Whilst filming I recommend you just drink plenty of juice bud lol

  4. How are people getting on with online slots? Interested to hear…..had a bonanza bonus pay 3x and rainbow riches megaways 2x! With various other slots less than 30x

  5. Im massive fan and you really helped through lock down.: but I think you should be dropping The stake to £1 collect a lot of bonuses. People want to see bonuses and you can easily win big on £1 stakes. I’d rather see the Sunday live £1 hunt than 3 £2 bonuses on a non life edited video

  6. Since I start watching Stop and Step I quit gambling,I'm not interested in slots no more,and I've got 3-4 months off playing,,,,thx mr that's a big STEP for me

  7. Stay off the Blueprints – they’re well made and fun to play on low stakes but for a £1k bonus hunt I can’t ever see you turning a profit on them. Need to mix it up a bit, play some old NetEnts that are easy to bonus, Jack and the Beanstalk, Steam Tower, even DOA2 isn’t too bad and most have more potential than blueprints

  8. Found Duckula is one of the worst games out there. Same as inspector gadget and top cst and those games, take a fortune and tiny wins

  9. Needs to up the stakes a little. You'd be surprised how easy they'd bonus if you upped it even to 4 pound. 2 pound is the obvious stake people play at hence make it easier and they lower the chances. Get some higher stakes have a massive sesh a 5k one and i bet you'd double up 👍

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