[Full Movie] 賭神 2020 God of Gamblers, Eng Sub 赌神 | 2019 Motion Drama movie 1080P

Plot Abstract: 2019 Playing Motion Film “賭神 2020 God of Gamblers 赌神” is ready a playing pageant tale. Gao Fan used to be an abnormal boy until he met a playing legend, Mo Qingming and was his apprentice. When Gao Fan defeated 4 largest playing kings over the sector, He disappeared mysteriously along with his female friend Xiang Jiang. Some days later, Gao Fan gained a golden invitation plate, and information that his uncle third used to be kidnaped by means of the Golden Town. This time, Gao Fan will face the Well-known Jap Playing King…

故事简介: 2019 喜剧动作电影《賭神 2020 God of Gamblers 赌神》讲述了默默无闻的小人物高凡被一代赌神莫清明传授一身绝学,登顶新生代赌神之后却激流勇退、告别赌界,最终成为赌界的一个传奇,然而变身酒吧老板的高凡表面看似已告别从前的是是非非,一心一意跟女朋友经营酒吧,平凡度日,实则心中一直埋藏着一个惊天秘密,背地里偷偷苦练赌技,希望有朝一日去除心病。直到有一天,女友的哥哥无意间卷入了一场赌局,而随之而来的是一枚生死局的黄金令牌。为拯救亲人,也为了却心病,高凡历尽波折进入黄金赌城,一场血雨腥风的生死赌局就此展开……

出品 Produced: 二只考拉
导演 Director: 吴俊贤 Wu Junxian
主演 Starring: 师一钧, 欧宇宁, 王新中, 郑奇, 娜依灵儿.
题材 Function: #动作片 #ActionMovie, 喜剧 Comedy, 剧情 Drama,#赌神 Playing Film

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