Frankie Laine – Moonlight Gambler (1956)

Charted at #three on Billboard Scorching 100 in December 1956 and #13 on the United Kingdom Singles chart. With Ray Conniff and his Orchestra. Written by means of Bob Hilliard and Philip Springer. B-side is “Lotus Land”.

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  1. The was released the year I was born. Have been a Frankie Laine (Francesco Paolo LoVecchio) fan my entire life … Never tire of his voice and art. Thank You for posting!!!

  2. Que grandes cantantes de mi época…no habrá otra igual…..gracias por haber crecido con ellos…..EL GRAN FRANKIE LAINE…..👍👍✌️….RIP…….CHILE 2020.JUNIO….

  3. Solía escuchar esta melodía en la estación preferida de mi padre …Radio 6.20 . Una bella canción. Y hoy la encontré!!!

  4. Frankie, Kay Starr , Teresa Brewer and Johnnie Ray were the giant voices of the 50s!
    Patti Page was tops but more fireside voice delivery! This was my older Brother’s heavyweight song by Frankie!

  5. What a voice…High Noon, Rawhide, Blazing Saddles…no matter the song, the voice dominated. I had the great pleasure of not only meeting him but paying him for singing at our JayCee convention in 1966. As treasurer, I made out the check for $500 and handed it to him. We shook hands and he folded it up and stuck it in his pocket.

  6. I started listening to Frankie as a kid, and have loved him since then. He is one of the best singers in the world, if not THE best.

  7. A past,But not forgot song,and talent singer!!! I have some records of him in my personal collection!!! Thanks for the post!!! Sept. 1 , 2019.

  8. Frankie Laines' greatest success came when he recorded for Columbia. Mitch Miller was the music director, and you can feel Millers' influence in all of Frankies hits…

  9. this record was my moms, i would listen to it on the HI FI, in about 1959, over and over again, im 68 now, brings back memories

  10. had the record as a young boy and was one of my favorites always liked frankie lainea tremendous voice started as a big band singer of jazz ballads

  11. I was 11 when this came out. I thought it was a terrific song and Frankie Lane did it justice. Elvis had been on the scene for awhile, too, and he was due to appear in Portland, OR soon. Ticket cost was $6 – couldn't afford that.

  12. what a masterpiece. never will there be songs like this agan. those days have given way to untalented wannabees with music so loud it drowns out their terrible voices. RIP.

  13. I miss the "music of your life" radio stations that played wonderful songs like this. I can always find them here on YouTube. Love the songs of Frankie Laine and his voice, which was made for westerns.

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