Focal point – Playing Scene | Quantity 55 (HD)

After dropping $100,000, it looks as if Nicky has in spite of everything had sufficient and is set to stroll away. Mr. Liuyan goads him again in, and Nicky bets the entire closing money ($1.1 million) on a easy top card draw. Liuyan pulls the cardboard with the next quantity, successful all their cash. Nicky and Jess are heartbroken. Nicky chooses to not stroll away and comes to a decision to double the guess once more. He tells Liuyan to pick out any participant at the box, and he’s going to bet which one, apparently not possible odds. Mr. Liuyan thinks he’s loopy and does not guess on loopy, so he refuses. Nicky sweetens it when he says Jess will pick out the participant that Liuyan noticed, a lot to Jess’s terror. Liuyan can not flip down unfastened cash, so he choices a participant. As Jess nervously seems during the binoculars, Liuyan provides them a possibility to again out. Jess seems to Nicky, apparently begging him to take this opportunity to again out, however Nicky tells her to pick out. Jess once more nervously scans the gamers. Abruptly, she spots Farhad dressed in a jersey with 55 on it. She grins and choices him, and to everybody’s marvel, that is the proper resolution.

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  1. "👁️🐍👁️ DE$IRE 0 ZER0 CIPHER 0F HEALTh & TRU$T 0f WEALTh" 24%7= 0T

    H0W 2 HYMN

  2. Unpopular opinion but this scene is hugely flawed. The math and effort on this bet makes no sense. No one here talks about the cost of hiring all the hotel staffs, protesters, billboards, casino ads, music, etc and the amount of planning it must of took to execute this. Planting all that subliminal messages for the off chance that he will pick 55 is beyond ridiculous. Why go through that much effort? Much easier and cheaper to pay off a ref or have your teammate number "55" work with you to cheat on a play for a guaranteed bet win.

  3. One year prior Will nearly played Django (unchained). So here he could have told the Chinese guy: “You know what I think u are? I think u are a DAMN GOOD loser”😇
    PS: If I live long enough, I want my arms to be like those of that coach at the end… tell me "NO F*UCKIN WAY" lol

  4. Okay, can someone please explain, how does this make them money? They played double or nothing, either the rich guy wins and gets double what he won before, or they win and the rich guy gets nothing. So how does they trick money out of him?

  5. You boys see when he say "get the fuck outta my suite, now!"? Oh he ain't mad, i could guarantee you that. The guy's overflowed with joy and excitement, because there's a guy placing a bet with him, the odd is what, 1-100? And conpletely nailed that deal! If that shit doesn't get you all hyped-the-fuck-up, i don't know what will

  6. The most interesting thing about this scene to me is the song playing, along with the number. The song, (“Sympathy for the devil) referring to Satan, and in gematria, “Satan” = 55. No coincidence. This happens all the time in the movies. I wish I understood why directors did it, because I don’t believe they aren’t aware of it. It could be a code in life. The matrix developed by our Creator.

  7. I understand why she says 55 (because she recognizes their friend as a fake player so she understands what's is going on). But I don't understand why the rich Asian guy has chosen the 55. Because he has no helmet and he has, big curly hair and unfit -fat body? Can someone explain?

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