FLOPPING QUADS!! | Rampage Poker Vlog

FLOPPING QUADS!! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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47 Replies to “FLOPPING QUADS!! | Rampage Poker Vlog”

  1. I can see you turning pro within next 12 months. Great bluff and the quad 22 really stick it in your opponents head. Keep your Vlog coming EY

  2. In the hand where you bluffed, he had to have K3 not A3. The board pairing doesn't hurt his hand with the king out there for a kicker.

  3. Came up as a recommended after watching brads videos for a while. Definitely asain brad Owen. Skills and intellect are good, but walking away and carrying the money JUST like brad.. it’s weird to watch.

  4. You want to keep away from unregulated poker sites because they will go down like others before them & very difficult to get paid out if you win.

  5. gotta ask…been wondering for awhile now. why do you park your car so far away from the entrance when there are always spots MUCH closer. usually MANY. seems like you do this for a reason. curious…

  6. Those two river bluffs, particularly the monotone flop and board pairing river… great spots that are as you correctly said, way underbluffed especially at low stakes. Great play. Hardly anyone with just an ace will ever make the call there, even if it were AK for top two. Nice moves! Keep it up.

  7. no way hes ever counterfeited there, he was lying. if he had A 3 then KING kicker plays. only way he folds is if he had an A and he believed u had A K in which case, thats no counterfeit. A Q or lower, the kicker isnt played so..

  8. Good video, but be yourself. Figure out your own way of cashing out. Stealing from you know who, is kinda corny. Other than that, good vid, good play! You gained a sub here

  9. You look and sound just like a good friend of mine. Your vlogs have def improved,as well as your skill. Good luck man! Hoping to see you win another bracelet,and get lucky enough to catch it Live. Edit:Chip Me please bro!

  10. When they all check on the pockets 2s 🙁 Always the case when u land a monster hand no1s got anything!!! Poker gods have a cruel sense of humour

  11. Would like to see you do more videos on things to help us poker players so maby we can achieve what you have already many just evan explane your story
    I'm watching all content and enjoy your set up

  12. can believe you got BOTH bluffs thru… Great work!! Our room local isn't open. I miss playing in person. You are lucky to have an open room close by.

  13. Seeing you play and go over the hands has really made me miss the game lately. Haven't been able to play much the past couple years or so. Keep up the good work!

  14. Are the 1/2 & 2/5 tables 6 handed at BBC, Nashua? Please let me know. We played at MGM Springfield many times. Thanks dude!! 🙂

  15. great content again Ethan. thanks for continuing to go out and play so the rest of us can at least watch poker :). where's the card protector?

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