Five Treasures Slot Gadget Five BONUS TRIGGER W/$8.80 Max Wager | SEASON 5 | EPISODE #14

Five Treasures Slot Gadget Five BONUS TRIGGER W/$8.80 Max Wager | SEASON 5 | EPISODE 14
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27 Replies to “Five Treasures Slot Gadget Five BONUS TRIGGER W/$8.80 Max Wager | SEASON 5 | EPISODE #14”

  1. Oh wow..I got the 5 symbol trigger tonight betting max! Except mine was 5 on each reel! Still paid the same as yours although i think it shouldve paid more. I mean come on..5 doors!

  2. Can someone please tell me what the multiplier is when you hit the five bonus doors? I understand that the three doors pays 1x, four doors pays 2x, but 5 doors? Thanks.

  3. I've seen that it's much safer with selecting the Fishes.
    You'll NEVER go hungry with the Fishes, but the Dragon can end up biting you.

  4. Dr. Nick slot channel says when you hit big on the trigger pick the max number of games since it already paid a bunch and the extra spins give you a chance at more wins. I use you channel folks' philosophy and so far it has been pretty good. Mrs. CT Slotter says when in doubt which option to chose, chose the color you are wearing. I don't know that there is much science behind that but incredibly enough, it has worked. 🙂

  5. Another good video. NG I just noticed in your first videos you hardly spoke a word. Now you see "The power of your accent" LOL… Good job NG.

  6. That was exciting. Thank you for the video. 🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀🏦🍀🏦🍀🏦🍀💵💵💵🍀🍀🍀🍀

  7. Good session my friend! Multiple Mini Jackpots! 5 symbols bonus! A small Mini profit walking away from that machine! Nice HP’S on Cats Slot Machine last nite!!!

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