five SCATTER HIT !! 🚨 Captain Challenge & slot play CASINO BONUS WIN !!

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5 Replies to “five SCATTER HIT !! 🚨 Captain Challenge & slot play CASINO BONUS WIN !!”

  1. Nice , good profit , makes it all the more enjoyable .
    I have had 5 Lep,s on Rainbow Riches , on £2 per spin , won £250.00 .
    I had 5 men on monkey Gold . Again £2 per spin , Won £4780.00 .
    Last Friday went to my local casino with £200 18 hours later left with £2,200 .
    On lots of driffrent machines , up then down , for about three hours , then had two £500 jackpots ,
    Plus I did a few pie gambles , only because I gave them £1,000 to hold for me , so I never wasted it all .
    Then on the last machine I played was mighty black knight got the bonus , 3 wild knights showed , then the machine just froze on me , ,the man turned it off , then back on again , but I lost all of the bonus , so waiting for them to pay me out on that one , when they find out what I should of won .
    Just glad it was on camera plus two workers witnessed it .
    Great night for me . 🙂 .
    Hope your well and Happy Carl x

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