FAIL! Bonus Ensure FTW!!!

That bonus ensure made all of it value whilst! Twitch Channel: Thank you for staring at this slot fail video! Do not overlook to Subscribe for …

47 Replies to “FAIL! Bonus Ensure FTW!!!”

  1. For anyone who isn't from Yorkshire. We really all are this grumpy. (And we all love yorkshire tea, whippets, flat caps and definatly not them expensive foreign cars like Audi's)
    Brill video Nick. Funny as fook. Cheers bud

  2. I have watched your stream a few times now, (great streamer by the way) and never realised how expressive you was, the faces you pull are hilarious 😂😂

  3. Bloody brilliaint unlike that chipmunkz slots who’s bloody boring and always moaning , his mate Jordan should take over his streams you 2 the best!

  4. Hi bud I looked on the winners today for the white rabbit competition there is a name Thomas D could you let me know if it’s my name please 👍👍👍

  5. The lightening thunder megaways is a better gamble than Vikings Megaways though,, it does seem a lot fairer. Chilli I can't play its an absolute t*at of a slot that one.

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