Exploring a Massive Deserted On line casino Boat – Hit the Jackpot!

Docked as much as by no means pass out at the sea once more, These days we discover a defunct ghost send used as a on line casino and closed in 2008. Began within the 1980’s, one circle of relatives had the need to open a on line casino however the undertaking looked like an excessive amount of cash for a large construction. In order that they improvised and created this vessel, The On line casino Boat! Excursions would pass out to sea, into waters that might be criminal for playing. Unfortunately its time got here and went, and the 1980’s themed send fell into disrepair and now lays at it is ultimate resting position. For those who benefit from the video, go away a thumbs up and subscribe for extra exploring content material!

All drone pictures have been filmed via @Kelly.Cav.Jpeg , so large due to her for permitting me to make use of them!

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21 Replies to “Exploring a Massive Deserted On line casino Boat – Hit the Jackpot!”

  1. Ghost ships are always super fun to explore and this was a unique place. The sound of creaking and swooshing water while aboard is always scary at the same time also knowing it's been stagnant for so long. If you enjoyed leave a thumbs up on the video to help me out 🙂 have a good one !

  2. Soy de Venezuela debiera regalarme LA silla de rueda total esta abandonada todo bien me gusta mucho sus videos suerte mi amigo

  3. This is my first time viewing an abandoned casino boat. Not into gambling myself, however the one's who enjoyed it, this looks like a fun place to do it. Just like the abandoned homes, this casino boat brings some sense of sadness. Thinking of all the smiles, laughter, joy even many disappointments, unfortunately. And now it is just another object left to decay and rot. With nothing left but the memories of the many people who frequented this casino boat.
    Thank you for sharing. Nice video. I subscribed!!

  4. always a bit of fear in me that the reason they left this boat so untouched is because of something like asbestos or a hidden killer

  5. I am totally struck by this view! ♥ I bet being in this casino in its heyday was something really amazing. The founders has a really good idea with it in this sea-form. It is a shame the fate of this casino went so far but it is still breathtaking.

    My thumb up for you is always certainly.

  6. Always a wheelchair! It doesn't matter if it's a chocolate factory or a funeral home…you'll find one sitting around. LOL!

  7. My friends (Rob & Mike) at Salvage Dawg would have loved to save a lot of the interior fixtures and paneling…(Roanoke, VA)

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