EPIC LIVE BLACKJACK at Onerous Rock! W/ Dr. Joseph Cipriano & Loot Field TV

Girl Success HQ, Hubby, Andrew & Jon from Loot Field TV and Dr Joseph Cipriano play a spherical of Black Jack on the Hardrock On line casino in Tampa FL. This was once …

29 Replies to “EPIC LIVE BLACKJACK at Onerous Rock! W/ Dr. Joseph Cipriano & Loot Field TV”

  1. Quite blackjack is not fun.. keep talking and for those that don’t understand the game hubby did good commentary. More table game please. He plays like I do. I would love to play at your table. Blackjack is a team sport. Every card makes a difference. Love the gafilte fish reference. Just watched rush hour last week. Love that movie. Had me rolling when the credits were rolling.

  2. I totally love how you play. I know you’re new to the game but the fact that you tip the dealer shows you’re a generous person. Dude, have you seen Slot Lady play? She wins thousands and gives the dealer $20 at the end of her session. 🤬 Not cool.

  3. Great video! Finally they allow you to record table games!! I always enjoy Dude Lucks tutorials and strategy so this was one of my favorite videos so far. Your first base was terrible, sorry you experienced that!

  4. Suggestions: Show your chips/stack. Starting bankroll on screen and ending bankroll + or -: Take out that noise everytime you win or lose. Have your husband that's explaining the game each hand to stand away from the mic(i think its to loud) most people know how to play blackjack. I like the vids nonetheless, just my tips i think would make your BlackJack vids a little better! Good luck!

  5. That was super fun! And I appreciate the tips from Dude Luck. I really like playing blackjack but since they reopened after Covid-19 the upped all the tables out here to $25 min and I can't play that high at the moment. Or so I hear… LOL
    So much love and luck from AZ

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