enjoying piercing roulette w/ maddy & brianna 😱

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  1. I did my cartilage, tragus and nose myself didn’t feel a thing. I have no pain limit I will cry I can’t handle pain at all but some reason this did not hurt

  2. My industrial was one of my easiest piercings lol 🤣 my rook cartalige and monore hurt the most I took out the monore lol and my cartilage lol my newest is my labert

  3. Get bactine to keep them clean that's what my pier uses she don't like us using salt based stuff bactine or or mild unsented soap I have both

  4. Yes I have an industrial the healing and cleaning sucked ass it took two years to fully heal no sleeping on that side keep your bedding and pillowcases clean I have a daith stretched ear lobs and to my left side has rook stretched lob not big though and I have my nose tongue and my newest is my lip labert redone had a bigger horseshoe rainbow spike now downsized to a rainbow grade 23 titanium hinged hoops I ordered a opal stud 16g 4/1 the smallest you can buy and 16g sliver hoop and purple pinkish hoop 16g there both 3/8 one size bigger then what I have now

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