[ELRIS – JACKPOT] Comeback Level | M COUNTDOWN 200227 EP.654

– KPOP Chart Display M COUNTDOWN | EP.654

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[Kor Ver.]
엘리스에 파워+섹시+발랄+걸크러시를 더했다? 크ㅏ아아아ㅏㄱ 고르릉!!! 팡!!!펑!!! (이 소리는 블리스들 심장에 JACKPOT이 펑!하고 터지는 소리 입니다ㅇ-) ‘JACKPOT’ 무대!
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(매주 목요일 저녁 6시 엠넷 생방송)

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46 Replies to “[ELRIS – JACKPOT] Comeback Level | M COUNTDOWN 200227 EP.654”

  1. I hope you guys will succeed in the future because you guys are so amazing, just be consistent and be passionate about what you are doing right now💜

  2. Here Chaejeong looks so cute, but i can't erase from my head the image of her in 'produce 48' when she performed 'Blackpink' Lisa's rap part so perfectly with the baddass vibe wow ☆ someone already told me she debuted in this group now wow

  3. 썸머드림이랑 파우파우 꽤 통했으니까 다음 컴백은 그런 분위기로 내는것도 나쁘진 않을듯

  4. Quisiera que fueran más famosas pero a veces agradezco por eso porque después los grupos se vuelven más presumidos y no quieren estar con los fans

  5. Wow they really don't lipsync, I can clearly hear their voices and it's a bit different from the original song so they don't lipsync.

  6. That girl with a yellow thing on its hair, reminds me of ryujin as well as the color dress in Dalla Dalla, both beautiful🤩❤️

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