reports that четыреста сорок один players payed a byu-in of $109 to participate in the Sunday $100,000 guaranteed tourney. “Elena m” sour bent be a achiever of the top pillage of $25,000.

Really, it was first when ‘elena m” made it to the concluding tabularise. On the way to her fetching she had to conflict against two две тысячи девять WSOP Bodog Squad members, Brandy “ParliGod” Wildcat and Bolivar “ramux’ Polacios.

On-line musician ‘trp2006’ is reported to deliver interpreted arcsecond berth for $15,000 followed by ‘elymint’ in 3rd for $9,500. Rounding out the concluding defer was ‘theycallmetrues’ in quartern for $7,000, ‘ParliGod’ in 5th for $5,500, ‘Ecliptica’ in 6th for $4,500, ‘Ramux’ in one-seventh for $3,500, ‘lunarphase’ in one-eighth for $2,200 and ‘tommybear987’ in one-ninth for $1,700.

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