Egg Russian Roulette – Merrell Twins

Watch us play a sport of Egg Russian Roulette! Hope you experience it and thank you for observing!!! Please do not overlook to subscribe, like this video and observe us on Twitter, Instagram and Fb. We put up new movies each Tuesday:)


29 Replies to “Egg Russian Roulette – Merrell Twins”

  1. Merrell twins love you guys so much and I’m 20 years old and I’m like a fan and I have been watching your videos on YouTube and you guys are my favorite Youtubers and I hope I want to meet you guys do a challenge on your videos on YouTube and we can hug out or something and I want to text you guys and I call you guys and it’s ok I want your guys phone number

  2. As I was watching this video I saw when this was posted;,, it was posted 6 YEARS AGO! I thought they posted it 4 years ago and then that made me realized how far they came here and how hard they work and how that I always and still, love there videos!!❤❤❤

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