Easy methods to Remedy and Save you Pachislo Slot System Coin Jams

Pachislo Coin Jam Prevention & Answers

Sq. Plastic Brown or Black Coin Mechanism

1. Flip device off.

2. Take away the ground coin defend. In some instances the sq. brown coin mechanisms have coin shields which are hinged – simply decrease the coin defend. The black variations have detachable coin shields. Press in at the left and proper to take away.

3. The coin trail is roofed by way of a spring loaded space. Glance intently and you’ll be able to simply see the spring within the photograph. Pull the spring loaded space up – it in truth strikes up and to the higher proper.

4. Transparent the coin together with your finger.

If the coin is caught within the acceptor at the entrance of the device and you’ll be able to see it, check out pulling out of the entrance. Whether it is lodged the place you both can’t see it or can’t take away it, pull open the spring loaded space and installed every other token and push it UP to push dislodge the coin and pull it up during the entrance. Flip the device again on and reset if wanted.

The longer steel variations paintings the similar manner and can even have a spring loaded entrance.

Combating Coin Jams

Maximum coin jams aren’t the results of issues together with your device however of tokens and dust.

Nearly all Pachislos settle for .984″ tokens best. Even if your tokens would possibly seem to be the similar dimension, a slight variation in duration or width is also sufficient to purpose coin jams.

Coin mechanisms can turn into VERY grimy through the years. This led to the tokens to transport very slowly during the coin trail and turn into caught within the coin mechanism or the coin chute and not fall into the hopper. Apply those steps to forestall long term coin jams:

1. Take a look at for Magnetic Tokens

Sooner than you employ tokens for your device run a magnet over them and take away any magnetic tokens. Rather a couple of machines will kick out or jam magnetic tokens and THEN ship an error code.

2. Take a look at Token Sizes

Maximum Pashiclos best settle for .984″ tokens. Your whole tokens would possibly seem to be an identical is dimension, however your device is also selective. The rest rather than.984″ will turn into jammed. Put the tokens in small stacks and spot if any are reasonably higher or thicker than the others and take away them.

3. Blank the Tokens

Use Kaboom cleaner. Combine somewhat in a bucket of heat water. Drop your tokens in and blend them for a couple of mins. Rinse them and dry them prior to the use of. When you use your device continuously do that each six months or to be able to save you filth buildup within the coin mechanism, coin trail and hopper.

4. Blank the Mechanism

Casting off the mechanism is inconspicuous. Unplug and take away it and blank it neatly with a rainy wipe, lifting the spring loaded space and cleansing there as neatly. If the steel coin trail is rusting use a pointy knife, screwdriver or exacto knife to take away as a lot rust as imaginable and blank the rust with a wipe. When you find yourself carried out give the trail a VERY SMALL squirt of silicone spray, wiping off any extra.

5. Blank the Coin Chute and the Coin Acceptor

Whilst the coin mechanism is out, blank the out of doors coin acceptor the place the cash input the device. If in case you have rainy wipes check out the use of a skinny knife to push a rainy wipe gently into the coin acceptor from the out of doors of the device and pulling it out the opposite facet to scrub the interior. When you find yourself glad spray one squirt of silicone spray into the coin acceptor, wiping off any extra silicone.

Blank the coin chute as neatly (this what brings the tokens from the coin mechanism to the hopper) and no matter you’ll be able to achieve within the hopper.

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