Easiest video games of 2020: Ultimate Myth 7 Remake

I used to be too younger to play the unique Ultimate Myth 7 in 1997, so I as an alternative watched my older brother beat it. Many times. My recollections of the ones lengthy classes are hazy, however I consider pondering that Crimson 13’s equipment have been dope and that Tifa’s lengthy darkish brown hair was once beautiful and when will I am getting my probability to play?

As I entered my very-online teenager years, I started to note the copious quantity of Ultimate Myth 7 fan artwork on the web. Epic virtual portraits or even foolish Flash animations of Tifa, Cloud, Sephiroth, and the remainder of the crowd reignited that youth passion, and prior to I knew it, I used to be falling down the Ultimate Myth 7 rabbit hollow that had opened right into a chasm all the way through the years following the sport’s debut. I used to be enjoying the by-product video games, I used to be observing the film, I used to be drawing my very own fan artwork.


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Sq. Enix bombarded enthusiasts like me with the Compilation of Ultimate Myth 7 subject matter, but I nonetheless craved extra. Particularly, extra of the similar. Like such a lot of enthusiasts, my brother and I speculated about how and when the corporate would remake the unique sport. In 2015, Sq. Enix after all gave us a solution.

I used to be ecstatic, but in addition nervous via the scoop of Ultimate Myth 7 Remake. The more recent Ultimate Myth 7 media steadily painted Cloud as a dismal unhappy boy, quite than the unswerving pal prepared to make jokes and benefit from the occasional chocobo detour. Would Cloud be allowed to be amusing once more? And what kind of of the remake could be new? I sought after the sensation of observing the unique sport with my brother, but in addition an revel in all my very own: extra personality interactions, an enormous global for me to discover, further lore and amusing personality quirks to be told about my favourite heroes and villains.

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Symbol: Sq. Enix

I sought after the sport to be the similar and likewise other, which appeared unattainable. And but, once I performed Ultimate Myth 7 Remake, after a two-decade wait, it didn’t disappoint.

Its additions constructed at the framework of the unique sport, with out concealing what made me like it many years in the past. Getting to talk with the children across the Sector five Slums, or listening to Cloud mumble, “This sucks,” once you have rejected via a stray cat, was once precisely what I sought after.

For over 20 years, I had time to consider each and every little tweak I sought after from a Ultimate Myth 7 remake. I sought after extra discussion between the birthday celebration participants, one thing greater than Barret shouting at Cloud with Cloud giving a non-response. I sought after to look what the Avalanche group’s existence was once like in Sector 7, simplest making their inevitable departure from the gang much more painful. I sought after a lot of these issues — and Sq. Enix stated, “You were given it, leader.”

I sought after increasingly more, and Sq. Enix endured to ship. I sought after the Honeybee Inn scene to be a excitement, no longer a stain at the sequence. By way of a long way, probably the most iconic addition to the sport was once this revision, a fully superb dance collection that Cloud has with the Honeybee Inn’s proprietor, Andrea. For just about no explanation why outdoor of “simply because,” Cloud will get down with Andrea in a unusual rhythm sport, whilst Aerith claps and cheers from the target audience. Eventually, a scene that cements Cloud as so a lot more than every other edgy unhappy boy.

Aerith looks beautiful and done-up as fireworks fire off behind her in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Symbol: Sq. Enix by the use of Polygon

In Ultimate Myth 7 Remake, we have been confined to Midgar, however I didn’t really feel confined. The huge town felt as giant because it must have as I ducked via underground tunnels or explored Wall Marketplace. I used to be in one of the vital smallest places from the unique sport, and but it felt gigantic.

There was once no grand personality construction in Remake, which is to be anticipated. Many of the giant narrative turns come later within the unique sport, so I’m excited to look how Sq. Enix fleshes out the crowd’s previous within the different portions of the remake. Or how they subvert my expectancies solely.

And right here’s the place I provide the necessary spoiler caution.

The most important alternate to the unique sport is the overall twist in Ultimate Myth 7 Remake, which incorporates some timey-wimey nonsense. Whilst I to begin with felt slightly bizarre about it, the concept the next remake titles gained’t strictly apply the unique sport has me excited. I don’t know what to anticipate. I think like a child once more, observing this liked tale resolve for the primary time. I spent such a lot of years imprinting each and every factoid about this sport’s global into my mind, it’s magical to comprehend that I will’t are expecting what’s coming subsequent. And a reduction to not be fixated on what I would like the sport to be. From right here ahead, the builders can be guidance the send into uncharted waters on their very own.

Sq. Enix may have simply given me an exquisite direct remake of the unique sport, copying the whole thing phrase for phrase. However the corporate added extra and dared to be other, if simplest in small spaces, and that’s what makes Ultimate Myth 7 Remake so absolute best to me.

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