Easiest Pair BONUS – $10,000 Win Blackjack Consultation

Revel in this curler coaster blackjack consultation with the bonus. Imply and excellent feedback. Tell us in case you love to play the bonus and in case you assume the bonus is worthwhile.

2:37 Gameplay
5:23 Blackjack Technique and Guidelines
11:05 Blackjack Double technique
20:05 Do not Be scared Blackjack
24:20 Bonus Payout rationalization
28:39 coping with 16 in Blackjack

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The Gamers Pledge:
1. Blackjack is leisure and no longer a alternative of a task
2. On-line Casinos are Evil
3. Through the years the on line casino all the time wins
4. I pay my expenses prior to I play
5. I best play with additional source of revenue.

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We most commonly add profitable movies and now and again we add dropping ones.

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Chip Denomination:
Orange 5K, Gray 1K, Red 500, Black 100, Inexperienced 25 ,Purple 5

The supposed function of this video is to offer schooling and leisure on more than a few desk video games together with however no longer restricted to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, 4 card stacks holdem, Optimistically you experience and observe alongside in this adventure. Learn how to play blackjack elementary technique.

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41 Replies to “Easiest Pair BONUS – $10,000 Win Blackjack Consultation”

  1. I love the "sick"!!! I'm starting out trying to learn, always afraid to sit at a table because I don't really know how to play. Are the cheat cards allowed at the table?

  2. So Matt are you for or against doing the bonus? Almost everyone I have heard up to this point says they are "sucker bets"…

  3. I've always been nervous to play blackjack so its nice to see how to play when using chips. Even though i play pai gow or dj wild which are fun table games in my area so thanks for the video

  4. I watched all of your vids with envy, man…….becoz the number of times your dealer went "too many" is just unbelievable !! In the 1st 10 hands of this game alone, I counted he had gone busted 5 times ! Thats an incredible percentage to the favor of the players. In most casinos the dealers hardly gone over "one too many". If they did, its like only once in a long long while. For most casinos, the dealers seem to be able to hit blackjack or draw cards till they hit 21 points easily ! Thats the "norm" for them and going busted is the exception. Lucky for you though that your dealer seems like quite "weak" in his hands and goes busted 50% of the time. Otherwise, if he is like those other unbeatable dealers of most casinos, pulling out blackjack and 21 points cards with ease, with the big bets that you play and love to split and doubles on almost every opportunities, you would see your betting chips diminish in no time at all.
    Imagine if the dealer had the usual run of blackjack or strong cards consecutively in 4 or 5 rows (or more), how much damage that would have caused you, given the heavy amount and the way you are playing. For casinos dealers to have a winning hand of 4 or 5 times in a row, I am sure everyone have frequently experienced it before. Too see the dealers went busted so many times, is certainly something that is not the norm of any casinos.
    Anyway, I like watching your vids and seeing you win. Its like a gambler's dream comes true seeing the table being turned around and that the dealer (for once) seems to be incredibly unlucky and have so many of those "too many" over and over again.Especially so when you have a hand filled with heavy bets of splits and doubles all over the table and the dealer went belly up ! One can only hope for maybe 1 or 2 instances like this in a game but you have so many of these. Thats brutal sick, bro !!

  5. You are a well studied BJ player. YOur skills are polished. Never give a shit about what the haters are saying. They are usually the dickheads that split 10s. I have learned a lot from you and will put it to work in the near future. Thank you for the great videos.

  6. do not play bonus we will loose by playing bonus if you count , you will bonus on every 5th or 6th turn by then you have already paid double its amount ! Think again My friends

  7. That's funny. Everytime dude says "no bueno" I feel like ripping my ear drums out and playing hopscotch on them. Haha. Like the videos though.

  8. 1st shoe. tallied bonus bets 25 times 2 each bet. 32hands times50 equals1300.00….wins i believe 25 times 12=300. total wins 9…9 times bet plus 300 = 325 time 9= 2950approx. i did not know the breakdowns didnt tab correctly. based on this 2700-1300= 1100 profit.
    based on break down still com out ahead …this is what i found know numbers are off. not much though.

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