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  1. Ea should make fifa like they used to in 2014-15 they were the best 82 informs were the goat and 81 rated teams were useful not like now when u can get a 192 squad in 2 months

  2. In the US we have the same problem with EAs American football game Madden. The ultimate team is where the money is so they focus on that and not gameplay. In fact, they have systematically made the game play worse on purpose to pander to children, so that a child who knows nothing about football can beat an adult who has a grasp of the nuance of the game. That way, they can engage children because they are the ones more vulnerable to their predatory microtransaction scheme. They don't care if older diehard fans stop playing, because they literally make more than twice as much through microtransactions as they do through game sales. The diehard fans can get fucked because it's easier to make money praying on children who run the same 3 plays every game. They don't care about football, they don't care about soccer, they don't care about basketball and they certainly don't care about business ethics. App they care about is money. I'm not anti-capitalist, but if all you care about is money, go work in the fucking stock market, because you're affecting children and you're ruining a nostalgic experience that we grew up with back when EA actually cared about making a good game because they had to compete with 2k

  3. I have an extremely disgusting story to tell you… I have conversations saved from EA sports about the gambling aspect within the game. And they revealed that the game was programmed to be like this. DM me if you want the transcript. I'm putting together a documentary against FIFA 20 and how it's all a means to gather control and revenue

  4. Honestly, the juxtaposition of JonnyP telling his awful story with the clips of YouTubers going MAD about opening packs and hyping/dramatising it so so much, knowing full well that they themselves are influencing others to spend tonnes of money on packs, is pretty disgusting. I don't know the ins and outs of the FIFA community, but it wouldn't even surprise me if those YouTubers got free packs or influencer benefits, meaning they're happily advertising this to vulnerable people and basically being paid to do so. It's disgraceful. Well done on making these videos, it's good to see folks in the community of a game openly calling out that game for such gross business practices.

  5. I'm 27, first FIFA game I played was 1998 World Cup, and this week I decided to get FIFA for the first time since 2016 (because I hadn't been gaming regularly, rather than choosing not to buy it".

    I've always been mainly a career mode player, but did enjoy playing UT back in the early 2010's. When I bought the game, I was really surprised it was only 20e (with a few packs included too), this was kinda the first red flag as I was questioning why EA would be letting the game go so cheaply.
    Download complete, thought I'd have a go on UT first up as I had the packs to open. Got the standard forgettable crap but thought, fuck it, let's have a game.
    After three or four games, it had become totally clear to me what EA had made FIFA 20 all about, and why they're selling the initial game so cheap. They've created the perfect game to spiral young people into addiction through small dopamine hits when opening packs, and scripted gameplay designed to make the user feel dissatisfied in victory, and rage in defeat. And that's absolutely what it is, addiction. I struggled pretty badly with gambling addiction in my early 20's and I could see the same thing in this guy's story straight away. He shouldn't blame himself or attribute it to personal troubles at all, although I know sometimes it feels it can make sense, the short truth is that it was a gambling addiction caused by a system meticulously designed to create gambling addictions.
    When you couple this system with 15-18 year old's getting their first debit cards, that is an absolute recipe for disaster.

    All in all, I just really hope something is done about this soon, it seems absolutely insane that kids as young as 11 are being lulled into speding thousands of their parents money. I'd imagine it could be hugely psychologically damaging once they take a step back and realise what they've done.

    Personally, I'm sad to say that after 22 years (most being greatly enjoyed) of FIFA, I will not be buying the game again.
    Stick to Football Manager guys.

  6. I spent several thousand pounds on credit cards and pay day loans back in FIFA 16, I am still paying the debts to this day and I have not played FIFA in over 2 years due to my addiction

  7. How they have gotten away with it for so long ill never know personally I have spent thousands on this mode over the years I'm 38 and been playing fifa since the first game in 1994 but I'm ashamed at how much I spent on ultimate team it's embarrassing!
    This needs to be classed as gambling Asap with protections in place especially for under 18s

  8. JCC i want to ask you a question, sorry my English because the pro always win, I saw videos that play with bronze cards and in the wl they do 30.0 for them there is no script thanks I always follow you very good

  9. People need to realize that spending a single penny on a micro transaction is a way to know for sure that you're not good at that game.
    If you start to do better after spending real money, it's not you who plays that game. It's your money. You're not winning anything. Your moneys are winning. You are trash.

    I'm playing FIFA every year since FIFA 98. And I didn't spent a penny on micro transactions (on no other game also). I play FIFA for fun, not for winning a colourfull card 🙂

    IT'S A VIDEO GAME. In real life it means nothing. START TO LIVE YOUR LIFES!

  10. there a THOUSANDS of closet addicts to this game.
    they dont recognize they spend half or even more money of their salary in the game. its madness.

  11. I no a chap that fell behind on his mortgage over this bonkers game mode, man with 3 kids, to me that’s absolutely insane and stupid, but I’m lucky I’ve that mentality, loads of people don’t, we all got different weaknesses, I’ve even friends now and relatives that sink hundreds a week into this game mode, it’s absolutely disgusting, and should absolutely be illegal in a game that children can play. Pressure must be put on politicians globally to tackle this.

  12. We had to take the ps4 from my little brother because of fifa he es sooo addicted to this shit an Puts every fuckin penny in this trash game. Be aware of this trash game and never buy it

  13. I’m 15 years old I can agree I’ve never spent money on the game but the SBC makes me spend my coins then I go broke I Spend more time playing the game then the cycle continues this game is really addictive and toxic but the SBC and packs make me play more

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