30 Replies to “EA Loses Lootbox Case, Fined €10 Million Over Playing”

  1. Your information seems a bit wrong. They must pay 500 000 € per week until they remove lootboxes. (checked european news papers)

  2. It's nice to give people a fresh start every once in a while.
    Every first hand report I've seen from people inside the industry has been bad, right from the early 90's to this day, nothing but swaths of destruction.
    Whatever grace I normally have for people/organizations, EA has spent all of it and there is nothing left. EA needs to die.

  3. Point of contention: EA isn't afraid of the PUBLIC learning about the fine levied against them. They're afraid of POTENTIAL INVESTORS learning of the fine. And the litigation. As a publicly traded company, confidence is what they thrive on.
    Say you're an investor with a spare 5 million to throw around. You look at Electronic Arts, and you hear that:
    1) They've "won" the Worst Company in America award multiple years,
    2) The United States and multiple nations of the European Union are investigating their MOST VALUABLE IP for exploiting children (that's how the headlines would read),
    3) They have a reputation in their own industry as an acquisition serial killer of independent studios,
    4) So many of their gambles in the last decade have blown up in their face, and yet their leadership remains pretty much the same.
    Are you likely to throw your 5 mil at EA, or would you look for a safer investment that HASN'T gone so far out of their way to alienate their customer base?

  4. It's funny you said you use to like EA. I remember even back in the late 90's EA being trash with their customer service back then.

  5. Anyone who tries to argue that loot boxes, especially pay to win loot boxes, aren't a form a gambling is either an idiot or they are trying to compare it to slot machines where if you lose you get nothing. If anything Loot boxes are like scratch off lottery tickets, which are still age gated as 18+ in the USA and probably similarly around the world. Why? Because its fucking gambling that's why. Ask any friend whose worked at a gas station that sells them damned scratch off tickets and they'll tell ya people buy them two, three and even four at a time weekly if not daily just to get a winner. "bUt wHeN i OpEn LooT bOxEs in OvERwaTch I sTiLl gEt oTHer cOsmEtIcs!", well when you scratch off a ticket and lose you still get the damned ticket and when you open cosmetics for characters you don't play or don't want to use its no different than having some goofy dud ticket that you're gonna throw in the trash anyway.

  6. It’s great they’ve lost. But €10 mil is pocket change to this bullshit company. Only justice would be bankruptcy and EA finally leaving the gaming industry.

  7. All loot boxes ruin games. Unless that game is free to start with. If I paid 60 bucks for it, I expect to get all the content, not have to gamble at my chance to get something.

  8. It’s sad but 10 million is really nothing compared to the money they make off of predatory practices. This is def a victory but a bitter sweet one

  9. Sadly, 10 million euros ($11.6 million) is just a slap on the wrist for them. EA's 2020 worth is $23 billion! That's almost 1/2000th of the money they made.

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