Dune Adventures within the Imperium: Unique artwork, main points from the tabletop RPG

Dune: Adventures within the Imperium, the extremely expected new tabletop role-playing video games, is going up for pre-order on Dec. 7. Polygon has new information about the scope and scale of the bold RPG, plus an unique disclose of the duvet artwork.

In keeping with the 1965 novel via Frank Herbert, the Dune RPG joins a cavalcade of alternative gaming and media tasks — together with an out of this world new board sport — timed across the unencumber of the main movement image via Denis Villeneuve. Evolved and printed via Modiphius, the RPG’s core rulebook is anticipated in 2021, along side customized cube and different gaming aids.

Three nobles stand near a holographic image of Dune, run through with multiple swords.

Symbol: Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme/Modiphius Leisure

The 336-page hardcover may have a number one quilt in addition to 3 collector’s version covers, which can assist to present some visible selection across the desk. The main quilt options artwork via Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme, who has up to now illustrated the Kult RPG and Magic: the Amassing. Exchange covers will each and every spotlight one of the crucial sport’s most famed factions: Area Atreides (inexperienced), Area Harkonnen (crimson), and the Imperial Area Corrino (red).

In a contemporary factor of the Modiphia mag, line supervisor Andrew Peregrine additionally gave new main points on what a part of the sprawling Dune universe the sport will focal point on. Reasonably than gambling at courtroom intrigue in some distant Landstraad space, avid gamers will as a substitute combat their battles on the earth Arrakis itself all the way through the occasions of the unique novel.

“Arrakis is the place the journey is,” Peregrine wrote. “Spice is crucial substance within the universe, and Arrakis is the one position to get it. Each and every faction desires extra of it, or to find its secrets and techniques, and to do this they want to come to Arrakis.”

An interpretation of the Gom Jabbar shows the mysterious box on top of an ornate pillar.

Symbol: Modiphius Leisure

Modiphius has assembled a various and skilled group for the undertaking. They come with Peregrine in addition to sport dressmaker Nathan Dowell, who tailored Modiphius’ personal 2nd20 ruleset for the sport gadget. The group additionally come with Richard August, Banana Chan, Simon Berman, Rachael Cruz, Jason Durall, Khaldoun Khelil, Helena Nash, Jack Norris, Chris Spivey, Mari Tokuda, Peter Wright, and Ben Woerner. This group has had a hand in lots of earlier tabletop video games, together with Dungeons & Dragons, Conan, Physician Who, Harlem Unbound, Infinity, Mutants & Mastermind, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Warhammer 40,000.

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