Dont be grasping

Was once martingaleing in roulette previous, began with 2400 unexpectedly went up 3000 then 4000 then now i’ve 8000 pressed a mistaken button which put 50 on all of pink numbers, fortuitously gained and ended up with 9600, saved having a bet with 100s as gadgets, went up 9900. Sought after one ultimate hit for that even 10ok. 100 on pink, black hit, 200, no, 400, no, 800, no 1600, no 3200, hit inexperienced. By means of this time i simplest had 3600 left and no longer sufficient to double down, felt that black will hit yet another time and skipped a big gamble, its nonetheless black. Great name then put all ultimate on cash on pink, nonetheless became out black. Staring on the zero on my account after which three reds got here out from the spin. I hate myself

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