Do you want to BALANCE in Are living Poker Video games?

Do you want to steadiness in reside poker video games? Bart and Wendy speak about a place the place possibly, Wendy has no bluffs however nonetheless took the most productive line to succeed in …

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  1. As for her saying people don't say stuff like 'fuck it, I'm all in' I have to disagree. Mainly said by newbs who want to act weak trying to get called with nutted hands

  2. Key take-away from this video "Balance is NOT going to win u the most amount of money AT THIS LEVEL."
    Surprised chat here is not more focused on this gem of advice! Thanks Bart!

  3. He thought she had an Ace and bet for value, I played Oceans for 10 years, not unreasonable, she had the best hand possible really, he had the third nuts in his mind.

    And yes, she played it poorly, he bailed her out and gave her the $300 she left on the table.

  4. Haven't seen the end, but screams QT of clubs. You check the flop, not defending against the flush draw and this confuses him. On the flop, he puts you on a weak hand. The turn check raise, though he's drawing dead, doesn't scare him because he has a flush and you are bluffing. You bluff again on the river and he shoves because it's not much more.
    He's not putting you on a hand, he's playing that he has a flush. He isn't worrying about you have AK or AJ or AA or JJ, all hands that you could play the way you did.
    He would have called your flop bet as well, as he had an inside straight and flush draw.
    You see this all the time at lower limits. It's recreational players who mostly play their hands, and don't even attempt to think what others have, much less what others may think he has.
    If he had AJ he'd have bet the flop. If he AK he'd have 3 bet pre. If he KQ suited he'd likely 3 bet pre. The only real hand you'd have to worry about is A7, but then he'd likely bet the flop as well.

  5. I dont even think a solver balances here even heads up,with an ace out there and flush draw and OP, i think it would bet the flop here 95'%.

  6. Great video

    Also, when you hear some asshat talk about balancing ranges at a table full of fish, that’s your mark. Flop the nuts and watch his chips “switch gears” into your stack.

  7. Being a former fish myself (some say still currently) I can 100% explain his mindset why he shoved.
    "I've made a flush, WITH A ROYAL FLUSH REDRAW, AND IVE now hit a straight as well. Im not folding $300 and being shown AQ or AT. Ive hit flush AND straight so if she has better good luck, but if I have best, I want ALL THE MONEY."
    In a way its what I call the fish tilt shove. They realise they're likely beat and are pissed off that the one time they make a big hand they still lost. They basically want another bad beat story to tell. To prove that they lose because they're so unlucky ie
    "After 4 hours play i FINALLY make a hand. I made a straight AND a flush in the one hand and this lucksack bitch hit her 2 outer to make a boat!"

  8. It turned out that V had QTc. However, the way he played (and H played) it could’ve easily happen that he had AKd. (Or A7). Talking about GTO? Don’t.

  9. Hit and run is a good way to balance in live games .some times u sit down first habd flop the nuts against tight Mike's AA double up and leave table before the blinds come again

  10. This whole video is so cringe. But the best part was:


    "…basically, the whole kind of jist with this line, is then you make a polarizing bet on the river regardless of what comes, um, and in this case, uh, the river was king of hearts and so now I make what would be a fairly large bet in live poker, and I made a bet of 300…"

    lol lol lol

  11. I have played in the tent at oceans we are really jam packed in there would be better off inside the casino action is really juicy here though I played some 2-2 and 2-3.

  12. It's not just that she has no bluffs. Even more important is, she has no medium strength hands. By checkraising turn on this board she's literally saying that she has a boat and a boat only. In villain's shoes I'm folding my flush in this spot. Completely face up play.

  13. This caller is wrong about the guy never having a full house. The "shrug and shove" is a pretty reliable tell of someone having the nuts.
    With this action she's going to be beat 90% of the time, IMO.

  14. Your villain was a fish, great for you! this shoved river is just so bad considering your raise PF. A call yes, but surely not a raise

  15. EDIT: Sorry for my sarcasm. I finally did notice that Bart did actually use the word "balance" during this call.

  16. And this one guy shows me his hand and mucked it but he had the winning hand!? And another guy sitting next to me saw it and tried to tell the guy he won but I was like “he mucked it. It’s too late”. That’s why you pay attention instead of sitting there with your phone in your face

  17. So many fish and people must bluff a lot cause people think I’m bluffing but I’m playing super tight but I have got 2 bluffs through with my image so far

  18. I started watching Brad Owen, Ryan Depulo, Rampage poker, and Crudh live poker 2 months ago. I finally started playing with real money on the $3 / $300 game at talking stick this past Friday and it is so true that at the low stakes games people play horrible hands and just throw their money away. I won $375 last night in 1 hour. I’ve caught on pretty quickly. I already figured out what your saying in this video

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