Disgusting Pizza Slice Roulette Problem!!

Whats up guys! On this video, we spin a three foot extensive pizza lined with an entire bunch of poser toppings! Some are actually just right, and a few are horribly disgusting!

35 Replies to “Disgusting Pizza Slice Roulette Problem!!”

  1. Guys, excuse me. I just wanna know how can I get that black shirt with the fancy handwriting. Is it unavailable forever now? Thank you for your attention. By the way, this is the best channel on YouTube.❤

  2. Sauerkraut is good tho… but maybe not with tuna, I'm not so sure about that. On burgers and hot dogs it's yummy, though I am probably biased since I'm half German.

  3. Bryan: the cheese is not good any more
    Me: none of the cheese on any of the slice is good after the extra stuff

  4. Bryan, cheats while getting attacked by the guys- punishment, to eat the worst stuff.
    Bobby, cheats, cheats again- gets told to stop
    also Bobby- "you are supposed to be unbiased!"

  5. Bryan getting a punishment instead of Whitney giving Bobby and J-fred a punishment. Real fair, if they were not trying to mess with him or fight him he wouldn't have reacted the way he did WHITNEY!

  6. Tuna and sauerkraut are fine together you proles.

    Seafood, Vegemite and liverwurst are all fine foods and the former two are even good on pizza.

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