Dave Portnoy's Highs and Lows of Playing On Day 1 of March Insanity

March Insanity Recap Day 1 – Up +2 Gadgets, After All Was once Stated And Completed On Thursday.

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37 Replies to “Dave Portnoy's Highs and Lows of Playing On Day 1 of March Insanity”

  1. Tommys face/emotions at 4:25 is hilarious, he went from his WHOLE WORLD came crashing down from Dave kicking him out….to the relief on his face after Dave gave him a hug and told him he's back. Had he laughing so hard. You can tell he was really upset thinking that Dave was mad at him to being on top of the world with the relief he felt showing in his face

  2. Can someone please explain 4:30 to me? I know the over/under was 129.5 for the Michigan Montana game, but I don’t get why they’re happy.. did they bet the under? SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN

  3. Hey Dave it’s ok if you bet a lot of money on games but don’t act like we’re and you’re employees are supposed to feel bad for you in anyway. You’re a fucking scumbag

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