Dave Portnoy Receives Devastating Playing Tip – Stool Scenes 234

-Eddie from Chicago joins us this week and does each and every unmarried display below the solar. Pass subscribe to Eddie’s day-to-day podcast, Chicago Canine Stroll, some of the hidden gemstones we have now at this corporate

-Extra at the back of the scenes of everyone’s favourite playing display, Barstool Sports activities Advisors, that includes Freddy the Cat

-Take note the Harlem Shake? That shit used to be cool as hell again within the day. Barstool is getting giant into the TikTok recreation (shoutout Quigs you aren’t fats), and we carry the Harlem Shake again

-B Walks is dressed in some other silly outfit. Man cant catch a wreck. SPOILER: No bodily attacks this week 🙁

-Rico being Rico. Fuck that Kansas child and the usage of the phrase steam

-PFT is Lord Shreddington

-Comic Trevor Wallace does the rounds with Gametime, Schnitt Communicate, Solution The Web, The Shaun Latham Display, and so forth.

-PMT is as much as their shenanigans as at all times

-Brandon Walker doesn’t need his nipples on digital camera

Revel in!


Dana B

Take a look at Barstool Sports activities for extra:

Observe Barstool Sports activities right here:

44 Replies to “Dave Portnoy Receives Devastating Playing Tip – Stool Scenes 234”

  1. Black coffee literally means coffee with nothing in it. No further description needed…blue haired dums dums who call themselves baristas should know that

  2. ive watched like 10 of these in a row. I feel like its very similar to the office…but with real people…and almost no continuing story lines lol

  3. I hate how at Starbucks, if you buy a hot coffee, the cashier turns around and pours you a cup and hands it to you at the register. However, if you order an iced coffee, they go through the production of making you wait for all the frappes and complicated espresso drinks to be made before they spend 10 seconds putting ice and premade cold coffee in a cup. Why can't they do this stuff at the register so the people getting iced coffee can get out the door quicker? It will also make the espresso and frappe people get their drinks faster.

    I shouldn't have to stand around 15 minutes for an ice coffee because i have to wait for 20 drinks to be made first.

  4. Be nice for Barstool to get some decent comics on once and a while! There are some absolute fucking killers in NYC, Soder, Normand, Oakerson, List, Kelly, Norton, etc.

  5. I love how Smitty hides that he is the smartest one in the office Smitty,Dave and Kaz are Barstool. Without Smitty around Dave would never shine just like Kaz those 3 character's make Barstool so great and add everyone else into the mix and you have beyond great content, Thanks for the one person whom reads and appreciates my spelling skills, from I am the Internet.

  6. Dave is such a fish. Listened to some KU freshman that knows nothing instead doing his own research and making solid picks. What a Degen!

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