Dauntless Reforged: 3 New Issues to Do within the Shattered Isles

Dauntless Reforged launches December Three and features a really extensive transform of earlier techniques and the advent of a brand-new hunt sort. Listed here are 3 new issues to revel in within the Shattered Isles when this replace is going continue to exist Xbox One.

Searching Grounds

The Searching Grounds hunt sort provides a completely new option to interact with the Shattered Isles. 18 new islands make stronger as much as 6 slayers directly, and the most efficient section? You now not have to depart! Keep and slay on your middle’s content material. With 18 islands to discover, you’ll by no means discover a boring second. Face adversarial fauna, release rewards, and tackle ferocious behemoths on your middle’s content material.


Because you’re ready to spend extra time on Searching Grounds islands than in earlier hunt sorts, we’ve additionally added the facility to seamlessly restock your provides on islands via a brand new consumable supply: Provide crates. Provide crates allow you to refresh your consumable provides, heal you and your teammates, and alter your loadout at the fly.

Did we point out you’ll fly now? The glider provides a brand new traversal possibility, letting avid gamers take to the skies to navigate those huge islands. You’ll be able to release gliders from the Slayer’s Trail after attaining your 3rd milestone. Right here you’ll additionally be capable to release further frames that provide higher mobility and vary. Be expecting a number of colourful techniques to personalize your glider quickly…

Slayer’s Trail

Phoenix Labs has overhauled the core development techniques of Dauntless to present avid gamers extra company over their most popular playstyle and fight personal tastes. The point of interest on tools crafting has been lessened with Dauntless Reforged, and now the majority of participant development is captured within the Slayer’s Trail. Slayers will carve out their legend on this new branching development gadget.


The Slayers Trail is composed of a major trail up the center, and more than a few aspect paths that department out from it. The principle trail will can help you to your adventure from a brand new slayer to a veteran one. The branching aspect paths release new actions and be offering plenty of distinctive bonuses on your Slayer. When and what you release is totally as much as you, so go searching and notice what paths very best fit your playstyle.

Equipment Development

It’s now more uncomplicated than ever to craft and improve your tools. With Dauntless Reforged, avid gamers will make stronger their guns via leveling up their weapon talents and tool surging their tools.

Stage up every weapon talent from stage 1 to 20 via searching and slaying behemoths. As soon as a weapon talent reaches stage 20, avid gamers will be capable to reforge and reset the talent to stage 1. This motion grants avid gamers an aether middle which can be utilized to energy surge any piece of kit, boosting its energy considerably and completely.


Use your aether hearts correctly to create the very best set of Behemoth-destroying tools on your slayer.

Sign up for the Hunt

Searching Grounds launches December 3, 2020 as a part of Dauntless Reforged on Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X, and Xbox Sequence S.


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As a Slayer, you might be all that stands between your international and the Behemoths that search to consume it. Tackle boss-sized monsters, forge tough guns, and craft armour from the very creatures you slay — all in an enormous, free-to-play on-line international.

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