33 Replies to “Darkish aspect/ Russian roulette #mha #gachalife #glmv”

  1. THEY MADE MY CUTE BEAN AND HAPPY FUNNY BEAN INTO DEMONS wait my cute green bean already have a demon… What ever but my red,shark,happy,funny bean is a demon now. I want my beans back. 🎶Baby back beans~🎶. But I want beans back. They made like this. Why Deku a demon because Bakugou bullied him and why kiri have a demon because Bakugou cheat on him with Todoroki and Todoroki already know they had a thing so why Todoroki.

  2. Anybody realize that dabi just got beat for giving shiggy chapstick ant then saying I GAVE YOU ALL THIS CHAPSTICK AND YOU STILL LOOK CRUSTY

  3. It would have been funny if when they 123 pull the trigger someone just said “well I’ve been waiting for this moment” and just shoots them self

  4. There’s only 1 mistake in this and that’s that everybody has the same gun they take turns shooting the gun at their head in hopes the bullet didn’t aline with their round thing idk what the article said about round thing and kill them

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