Dank Memer Blackjack Guidelines & Methods | Tips on how to get 400ok from 20ok!!

What is up guys! Nowadays I will be creating a video on dank memer blackjack. With the following pointers, you’ll earn loads of cash!

Edit: New dank memer blackjack technique: (Up to date model)

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  1. so something happend i got 200k+ then someone stole 196k from me….. Then i was able to get 100k again but then…. Someone robbed 100k+ from me…………………

    So im trying to find ways to get my moneh bacc

  2. For me when I lost from 300k-500k I still push big amounts, when I recover the amount I lost through bj's I just wait another 1-2 hours and bj all of it. I made 2 million off it and lost 1 million because I was an idiot to try out slots for the first time.

  3. https://discord.gg/fjeSdT6 It does giveaways and you can win giveaways btw go to rewards info do something they tell you and after you win a giveaway or did something they said in rewards info You can open a ticket and wait for a support or a owner mod staff whatever you think will come to give you the dank coins

  4. Great video, thanks for giving us the general info on how to win Blackjack with a strategy. But can you make an updated video with more chances of winning? thanks

  5. how i do it:

    1:go pls beg or pls search till you can buy a phone.
    2:pls dep all your money
    2.5:if someone pls bankrob you, call the police.
    3:keep pls begging and pls searching till you can buy a fishing rod
    3.5:if someone after you pls beg give you an item, pls sell it.
    4-pls fish
    5-pls sell all the fishes you get
    6-redo it everytime, and pls dep all the money you get.

  6. That’s the basic gist of it. If you do the math, it’s a bit more complex. Since dank memer doesn’t have doubling down or splitting, it’s not as complex

  7. after a while it was all fine and dandy but THEN OUT OF NOWHERE IT WOULD ALWAYS BUST EVEN UNDER 14 LIKE 12 AND 13 WOULD BUST I LOST OVER 13k BECAUSE OF IT

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