DAKOTA KAI’s Video Sport Ringtone – Unfashionable Roulette

Dakota Kai (a.ok.a. DA-KOBRA KAI) revs up the OG PlayStation! On this episode of Unfashionable Roulette, Kai unearths her favourite online game opening of all time.

26 Replies to “DAKOTA KAI’s Video Sport Ringtone – Unfashionable Roulette”

  1. I was wondering why she got so excited seeing Cool Boarders 2 and realized…that was the same game I used play consistently on the ps demo 😭

  2. I really want to see a Dakota Kai/Io Shiarai program. I feel they mesh so well together in the ring and could really put on some great matches if given the chance.

  3. And the first game that popped up was Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, one of my favourite games of all times. I lost it … until they skipped it LOL

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