Cyberpunk 2077 modders are solving up the sport

Cyberpunk 2077 introduced filled with problems each giant and small, however the mod group settled down and went to paintings. The sport’s Nexus Mods web page is now filled with attention-grabbing additions that easy the trail during the base recreation’s bumpy trip.

As an example, avid gamers spotted after release that Evening Town has no barbers. However due to a mod through houses432 known as Arasaka Look Updater, the participant can modify some facial options and turn their haircut.

Some other mod this is extremely useful is Higher Minimap, through WillyJL. In same old Cyberpunk 2077, each and every time V will get out in their automotive, the digicam zooms approach in at the minimap, that means you’ll’t see the target that were given you from your automotive within the first position. Higher Minimap provides new zoom choices and different options.

There’s even a brand new mod that gives a third-person digicam. Jelle Bekkar posted TPP Mod WIP 3rd Particular person on NexusMods, which permits the participant to toggle thru 4 other digicam choices.

The mods above have problems; some are marked as WIP (paintings in growth), or the writer notes they have got minor problems with lag or flickering visuals. However they’re additionally an excessively spectacular effort at patching up a recreation that wasn’t able for top time.

CD Projekt Crimson introduced an internet mode and post-launch DLC earlier than the sport’s unencumber, however it’s lately unclear if the ones plans have modified after Cyberpunk 2077’s stricken release on Dec. 10. CD Projekt Crimson has since been freeing hotfixes for the sport, and has two sizable updates deliberate for this month and February. Maximum just lately, Hotfix 1.06 launched on Dec. 23, 2020.

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