Cyberpunk 2077 mod offers V a celebration of partners

Cyberpunk 2077 is a amusing RPG, however it might get a bit lonely. With a couple of exceptions for sure quests, and the occasional look of Johnny Silverhand, V is most commonly on their very own on their quests via Night time Town. However a brand new fan-made mod targets to mend that by means of giving V a solid of partners far and wide they cross. This mod used to be created by means of consumer SiJiaoCunDeDaZhuangJi on Nexus Mods, and it’s referred to as Judy-River-Saul-Takemura Significant other Sport Save.

With this mod, taking part in Cyberpunk 2077 feels extra like a BioWare sport, since you’re rolling round with a complete celebration. That being mentioned, it’s now not essentially the most polished enjoy. The mod writer warns customers about a couple of hiccups they will stumble upon within the mod’s description.

Saul will apply you even though you teleport. (i.e. you can’t eliminate him by means of teleport.)

Judy, River, and Takemura gained’t. They’ll keep on the very position the place you employ teleport station. However they gained’t dissappear so you’ll return there and pick out them up later (perhaps together with your automobile, for comfort). I individually would favor go away them at V’s rental when i don’t want their partners.

There are specific jobs the payers can whole to ship their new celebration member house. For example, finishing Ex-Issue will reset Judy and she is going to now not apply V round. This additionally comes with a level-50 male V, so it’s now not the similar as taking part in the sport from scratch and gathering partners.

Alternatively, it’s attention-grabbing to peer how Cyberpunk 2077 modders are stretching the sport and including amusing novelties. The primary wave of helpful mods most commonly concerned with solving little issues within the sport, such because the finicky minimap or the sport’s using controls. As modders spend extra time on their initiatives and be informed the bounds of Cyberpunk 2077, we’ll most probably see extra amusing mods like this. For now, it’s neat as a way to roll round Night time Town with my very best buddies.

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