Curren$y – Playing Shack (Feat. T.Y.) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

DJFresh #CurrenSy #JetLife The This night Display to be had now on all streaming platforms (C) 2020 Jet Existence Recordings // Side road Customs MGMT ▻Twitter …

44 Replies to “Curren$y – Playing Shack (Feat. T.Y.) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]”

  1. Man this shit go so hard it makes no sense I rate this one of his best songs ever I put it up there with POWER UP track from back in the day, that BEAT A BEAST BRUH…..

  2. Remember when you were young and when someone was about to get into some shit we would all say " AWWWWwww you in TROUuuuBLllE ."

  3. Ol boy with that broken windown shot is hood fr reminds me walking downtown the street in the hood and seeing this kind of shit

  4. Who ever thumbed down dont fuck wit Cadillac's 😭. This shit hella fire. Slap this daily, fresh went in.. this the dream duo Currency x Fresh

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