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  1. That red bow on the domino was both a masculine bow tie for Pip on top and a feminine hair bow for Dot on the bottom. Little things like that are what I love about this game’s creativity.

  2. Me: I wanted to play more single player games for a more relaxing time and less rage

    The single player game:

  3. For me the game glitched and he was just stuck in place while making his hand dance so that made it very easy for me to beat

  4. For anyone having trouble on king dice i would recommend having spread shot and the roundabout
    For your super art obviously have 1
    For your charm have automatic parry

  5. Easiest are #2 #5 #7

    If you "Start over", you just go to square one and the "Start over" square goes away, but cleared bosses stay cleared so essentially they’re all safe spaces.

  6. All Casino Mini-Bosses (Timestamps)
    0:18 #1 Tipsy Troop
    1:23 #2 Chips Bettigan
    2:15 #3 Mr. Wheezy
    3:43 #4 Pip and Dot
    4:43 #5 Hopus Pocus
    5:54 #6 Phear Lap
    6:42 #7 Pirouletta
    7:48 #8 Mangosteen
    8:47 #9 Mr. Chimes

    10:52 King Dice

    You can do anywhere between 3 and 9 mini-bosses before moving on to King Dice himself.

    Trivia: The Tipsy Troop members have individual names. Ol' Ethan (rum glass with red-nose), Ginette (martini glass with purple eyelashes) and Rumulus (whiskey bottle with on the right).

  7. I love how the hands are dancing when king dice Attacks and how he only has 4 fingers as if it were the legs and arms

  8. How did you make me to get cupcakes how do you make a show me how to let me see the video show me how to beat the video game

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