CSGO GAMBLING IS BACK – CSGO Empire new intro (yeah, It's 16fps)

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27 Replies to “CSGO GAMBLING IS BACK – CSGO Empire new intro (yeah, It's 16fps)”

  1. looks like you ripped it from someone else using bandicam on a 10 years old windows laptop. Please release a 60 fps version that would be sick. or at least a 30 fps one

  2. Why did you try to get king Richard a bad reputation for no reason you gave him nothing and your work was 5 months late and he gave 1000 dollars. Also did you know you took this so far people are dming his brother with death threats. Pls stop king Richard is a nice guy.

  3. hey im just starting a youtube channel im 14 so i cant pay you but if you can make a intro and a picture and facecam overlays i dont have a name for my youtube channel yet so if you can make something cool for me

  4. Wao, just stop begin asshole people, the artits can do whatever he wants, is pretty impressive what he do here lol.

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