Crimson or Black? – Making a bet your entire lifestyles on one roulette spin

Loopy gamble with complete lifestyles financial savings on one roulette spin!
Get a task!-

32 Replies to “Crimson or Black? – Making a bet your entire lifestyles on one roulette spin”

  1. Bet your only 130k to win 260k.. you can lose it all or do what with the wins? If it was about a million ok but double taking the chance to lose years of your life? That guy is stupid. You can not even buy a crazy car or big house with that money… i dont get that ADVENTURE.

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  3. I remember watching this live. I was so worried that he was going to lose everything on TV, but when he won, I was so relieved and angry at him for being such a psycho with his money! Metaphorically speaking however, we all gamble somewhat in life, in whether or not we go to college, what we major in if we do, who we marry, the job we take, making a right turn instead of a left. So life at times is not too far from this stunt!

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