Crawling Out of a HOLE! | Rampage Poker Vlog

We struggle again laborious on this consultation and video listen – thank you a host for testing he video and gazing!

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45 Replies to “Crawling Out of a HOLE! | Rampage Poker Vlog”

  1. Great channel bro ! Your 9/10 hand at 14:00 , Every once in a while I think I should bet big to " make it look like a bluff" trying to get a call from worse……but in the end I think its a mistake, and I'd try to stay in the zone ( you were even saying in the parking lot during break that you where not thinking much ) and stick to basics vs reg/fish at the 2/5 level. Id think, what would 99 call for here??

  2. This will probably sound rude, but you give me hope. Some of the hands you play are just absolutely terrible at every decision point, but then you go and win a bracelet. So you clearly have some idea, and we've definitely seen you play some hands very well. Just shows that if a player can string a few good decisions together, a bracelet is definitely within reach

  3. I tend to go into check call mode in situations like the 9T off hand where you went for a huge bet trying to get heroed otr. At 2/5, a lot of players bluff rivers too often so I would expect the line you took to be better at 1/2. Typically I'd stick to check calling there at both games, but especially at 2/5. I don't see you getting called by too many hands that you beat with this line.

  4. Honestly just started watching you about 3 days ago and have loved the videos. If you know any places in or around Atlanta GA lmk would love to play against you some day tbh. Best of luck and awesome bracelet. Would love a chip

  5. Not a bad comeback. I enjoy watching your action. started watching when you start posting but then a I lost you. But luckily you went ahead and won a bracelet. So I found you again and now watch all your videos. Thanks for the entertainment. O and a chip would be nice too,!!

  6. I’ve been playing poker for 11 years you should fly me out from Canada and stake me in these games I’d split profits with you last session I turned $200 into $4500 but my wife died so I lost a big part of my bankroll due to funeral costs and depression.

  7. Congratulations again man. Just started watching your content and it's pretty cool to see you grow as a player. Looking to get to that point as well, happy playing!

  8. not really a fan of the logic on the 76dd hand. Even with a larger sizing one pair hands can bet the turn when you check twice. Everything is goofy because you are flatting a 4x open in the SB and live players' cbet strats arent always well thought out, but Jx should connect with his flop check back range. It hard to make a pair so maybe your call is still fine, but i doubt this line/texture is overbluffed.

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