Hi there these days I again at it once more taking part in on Roobet certainly one of my favourite crypto playing casinos. Roobet is a crypto playing web site which accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum and provides more than one other recreation modes, which I can show off in my video these days. Additionally, I can focal point on their new Valentines Raffle which can be to be had for 11 extra days the place Roobet giveaway $5000 to their avid gamers, if you wish to know the way to go into and you need to peer me being insanely fortunate, pass forward and watch the video 🙂
Trade Inquiries: [email protected]
Disclaimer : Don`t gamble underneath the age of 18

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24 Replies to “CRASH GAMBLING (100X?) | ROOBET”

  1. A big scam .

    They scam my roowards and my afiliate money in account BigBrother !

    They lock account without let me withdraw my roowards and my afiliate money ,loss in this account 3000$ total loss in few accounts 50000$ +

    Roobet scam people and after that ignore all people , i made a group in TELEGRAM , name is @Roobetscam

    Join and i will post in this group when is ready the youtube video with all of their scam !

    They have so much positive because they REMOVE negative feedback , you can see 99% from positive is from new members of trustpilot with 1 review history , is just fake positive .

    Think for 3 times before play in a scam , they will stolen afiliate money and roowards !!!

  2. I put $200 and I cashed out at 623.39x it ended up crashing at 822.12x I just found out about this website about a week ago. I just made so much money I am shitting myself. It’s crazy

  3. larrythelobber is the code.

    my strat with the free $.2, go to mines and bet $.02 on 1 mine. double when you lose and click away. You will start out small but personally ive turned $20 to hundreds using this!

  4. Somebody help me on this. Can't you just pull your bet every time on crash when it gets to like 5% and consistently make 5% return?

  5. Nice video! I actually just made a video explaining the math behind Roobet's Crash game. Check it out if you're interested and let me know what you think!

  6. With Crash what you want to do is bet a hundredth of whatever’s in your roobet account and and try to cash out around 1.2-1.35x. Your odds of winning these rounds are relatively high given the game hasn’t lost a lot of money to players on the site recently (within the last hour). If you crash before you cashout at 1.2x, double the bet on the next round and auto-cashout at 2x. If you lose the round continue to double your bet until you win a round cashing out at 2x. For example if you lose 50¢, double it to a dollar on the next round. If you lose that round double it to two dollars, then four then eight (if you keep losing). This is called progressive betting.

    Usually the game will reach a 2x multiplier within 5 rounds. Using this method will guarantee a 100% profit on each successful round that you placed a 2x bet – given there is a 2x or higher round before you run out of money, which if you are betting a hundredth of the cash amount in your roobet wallet you will be able to follow this strategy on 6 consecutive rounds before not having enough to double down on a 7th round in anticipation of it crashing on 2x or higher and getting all of your money back.

    If you wager a thousandth of your account on each bet, you will have 9 rounds after a crash to try get make your money back on a 2x before you can't double down again. If you crash on 9 consecutive rounds doubling each bet you will be left with 48.9% of the original amount of the money in your account. If you get to this amount it would be best to start over at your original wager amount and repeat the process with the addition of trying to cash out at higher multipliers (1.8-2.5x) every now and then

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