34 Replies to “Craig Carton Opens Up on Playing, Habit & Redemption”

  1. Evan is good but totally miscast in this show. He needs to just talk about sports. He's sitting there slouched and doesn't even speak

  2. Right on brother welcome home!! You a good man, you were always"The Show" all eyeballs are on the Young and exciting New York Rangers the upstart of the league, let the dynasty begin, Go Blue Skies!!!

  3. While you feel for a man whose life fell to pieces because of a gambling addiction, it was not the actual gambling that put him behind bars. It was a derivative of that gambling that he created a ticket selling Ponzi scheme that defrauded nearly $5 million from investors. Gambling can ruin many lives, but just losing from gambling does not have federal agents and the Securities and Exchange Commission showing up at your house. I think Carton will make the most of his second chance, but it shows how desperate WFAN was to bring a guy who had only been released from prison a couple months ago back on the air. This slot was an opportunity guys would have given their right arm to get and to give it to someone who really has not made amends yet or truly apologized for the Ponzi scheme is pretty shameful. Having a gambling addiction is terrible, but he is covering up for the actual crimes he committed.

  4. Based on these comments seems people either love or hate Craig. If he’s able to use his platform to help people, that’s a good thing. Still not a fan of at all

  5. This guy is a sick Narcissist. Every time I click on the WFAN station during the day he is talking about himself. I've never seen anything like it. Roberts is his puppet. Show is "AWFUL"

  6. No moral or ethical backbone. Haven't listened once since this guy came back, didn't even watch the video because. They get no monetization from me.

  7. I love how people fuck up, continue intentionally fucking up over a long period of time, get bit, then say "ADDICTION."

    Imagine you couldn't use the word ADDICTION?

    Yeah I just kept doing fucked up shit. Because I liked it. It felt good.

    I'll give Craig credit that he said they convinced him that he's an addict ( they gave him an out. )

  8. If being handed the keys to the best station and time to do a talk show like 4 hours after being let out of prison is “starting from scratch” then sign me up now. I’d do a year in club fed.

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