39 Replies to “Court docket Orders Phil Ivey to Pay off $10m in Top-Stakes Playing Winnings!”

  1. I don’t understand how the judges can actually justify this ruling, like this is so shady and corrupt and it’s insane that this ruling was upheld

  2. “Beat the casino at its own game” that’s the point of playing. There’s no other reason to play. Definitely don’t play to lose money

  3. Is 🐂 caca Mr Ivy didn’t make the cards, Judge is a crook 🖕🏻 Make payments of 1,000 per month Ivy jajaja you know what don’t pay anything

  4. the New Jersey casino paid the New Jersey judge to rule in their favor. That judge and two more generations of his family are set for life. That's how it works.

    Both casinos AGREED to Ivey's conditions before he took the trip to play. This is them saying "we're wiling to take the risks according to your terms, come gamble."

    Ivey then proceeds to beat their a$$, then they both cry wolf. Then the judge DOESN'T tell them, "You agreed to the terms under which he played – sorry." Yeah, the judge was paid off.

  5. Casinos should have a board up their welcome door saying
    "Welcome, Give us all your money & If u win, You will be termed as trespasser in future".

  6. Ivey didn't pay a Penny to them expect the most they got was his 12,4000 usd which he won by securing 8th position in a Poker live mtt which they confiscated there. Other than that not a penny they get from ma man.

  7. Actually government will stand at casino owmers side
    Because casino pay big tax ,, and government dont want to lose this money bag

  8. I never thought there could be real hackers! I have suffered months of trying to spy my husbands phone since he moved to Holland but everyone seemed to take my money and never respond… I am so thankful to [email protected]gmail.com...
    I am spying on my husbands phone currently and it's so secure and untraceable.

  9. The casino knew that Phil gonna do edge sorting because Phil requested that brand of cards.
    They just roll with Phil hoping he lose, if he wins they gonna sue and get all the money back.
    The house always win.

  10. A white man Talon a black man to give money that he rightfully won by using his own money to give money did he won back sounds about white

  11. That’s bogus bcuz the casinos take advantage of players daily! But if u have the knowledge to win then they can sue and get money so either way the casino can take your money regardless win or lose! That’s wrong! I just lost 150k in a month playing baccarat and I wish there was a loop hole to sue and get my life savings back!

  12. Feeling immensely infuriated, just by the fact casinos can do this. Wonder how Ivy felt then. Hope he got them back somehow.

  13. This pretty much proves if you are SMARTER than a Casino, the Government will side with the Casino 😡 Why because these Corrupt Government Officials get money from Casinos.

    These Filthy Gambling hubs want ignorant, dumb, and drunk clowns to come in their establishment and carelessly spend and Lose Money. The second someone spots an imperfections they don't know; THEN ITS CHEATING 😒

    So you are a cheater if the House Dealer is drunk and you pickup on that drunk dealers imperfertions 🙄

    That's Why I Don't Gamble! It's one sided and Fixed so the House will Win. Especially when it comes to Million Dollar Bets😲

  14. ok so if he LOST. ….. WOULD THEY HAVE PAID HIM BACK? ????
    Seems like a win-win for THE BORGATA. …



  15. the stupid thing ivey did was admitting he was edge-sorting. Like any unfaithful accusation thrown at you, DENY TILL YOU DIE.

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