Compulsive Gambler Sues On line casino (ABC Information file 2008)

Arelia Taveras misplaced over $1 million on the casinos regardless of demonstrating glaring indicators to on line casino operators that she was once an addicted gambler.

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  1. Sorry, Ms. Lawyer, but it's your responsibility to get help for your gambling addiction. I love to buy make-up, and I do consider myself to be a cosmetics addict. So, by your reasoning, I should be able to sue the cosmetic companies, or department stores, for being very accessible, and for providing all of the beautiful lipsticks and lip glosses, right? No, it's up to me to get help if I know that I need it.

  2. This just blows my mind that these people feel that somehow everyone is responsible for their stupidity! I gamble, play slot machines and tables, been doing it for over 30 years, have no regrets, and never once decided that hey maybe I should loose my house so that I could go gambling. These people are just fucking stupid. If that judge allows this to go to trial he should be disbarred for being just as stupid as her. Come on people, use some dam common sense here. Oh wait I forgot, this is America, where you all feel your entitled to everything from everybody. Dam it, this pisses me right off!

  3. man we all wish we could sue the casino back for our loses but it's not going to happen. It's like a alcohol addict trying to sue the makers of their favorite liquor.

  4. typical entitled person who thinks they are not at fault for anything in their lives. Go away, you are a waste of air.

  5. I gamble. I've lost.Don't embarrass yourself. It's like that person who gets a bad liver after drinking all day or the smoker. What a dumb bitch. Lol

  6. Casino's can cut you from drinking but not from gambling why is that..some casino' have to get sued bc when you win they tell you the slot machine is broken i bet the slot machine's where broken when she lost all that money

  7. I bet if all compulsive gamblers sued them the together they would pay out close down and we wouldn't
    Have this problem.

  8. In Europe, the slot machine temporarily stops letting you play after you lose an X amount. However, that countermeasure is easily beaten by playing multiple machines.

  9. Oh well, no one twisted her arm to enter the casino. Not that I am letting the casino off the hook as they are a government sanctioned parasitic industry that knows full well the carnage they are causing but then it's not like thier dragging people off the street and forcing them to gamble.

  10. Very interesting. Good thing this woman is a lawyer. Perhaps she will be the one to figure out how to turn the tables on these unaccountable casinos.

    Now if this was a drinking problem; the bartender/establishment would take responsibility and stop serving someone who'd had enough.

    Surely casinos take note of people who spend days at a time in their establishments. Same principle should apply to casinos for people who are not exhibiting sound behavior.

    Obviously living only on orange juice and candy bars and cleaning her teeth with wet wipes is not sound behavior. Just being there in the same clothes for several days at a time is evidence too. But this just shows that they have no concern and refuse to even share responsibility. Go get em honey!

  11. Yeah…the casinos are innocent little angels…MY ASS!!! Countless thousands of people lose their f*cking asses to casinos and the casinos don't blink an eye. They love it. The more money, the merrier. They are demonic houses of hell that are solely in the business of stealing as much money from people as possible. They lure people into their trap with all of their advertising, free slot play, and table match play so they can get a death grip on your wallet with all their games that are all severely rigged in their favor (especially the slots…obviously). They don't care if someone ends up homeless after losing their house, retirement, and entire nest egg. And, of course, when that person is homeless and broke, they don't want their broke ass in their casino because they are of no "use" to them. Piece of sh*t casinos!

  12. Thing is gambling should be fairer not BANNED! Authority should just make the house edge 50% less so the house of course house wins their share but so gamblers can not lose that much. The way casinos work is that not only do they turn out massive profit in the long term from every single player in the casino but they are greedy cunts who want to make profit from every single hand of Black Jack or every single roulette spin….

  13. SAD!!! But it have to be law about it. Sad that all people thinking that casino is right and it just responsibility of person…This is responsibility of casino in first place…and than your country…

  14. But if she was a winner and not a loser she would have no problem with her gambling addiction.She obviously has no clue what bankroll management is about and she is obviously compulsive.

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